Greetings Gluttons and friends!

Welcome to We’re in the process of converting the old Glutton website into one that is more current and will be much easier to update as time goes on.?? We’re using WordPress as the backbone of the site. It is the same software I use for Bits & Pieces. ? We’ll use a different theme … or look, than B&P.? In the next few days we’ll be porting the old data (address lists, news, By-Laws, etc) to the new format.? Bear with us as we try new things.? The look of the site may change from time to time as we figure out what we want it to look like…. and what works and doesn’t work.

You may comment on each article (post) by clicking the “comment” link at the bottom of the article.? I think the first time you comment you have to enter your info and the post has to be approved by me, but after that you can post anytime.


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