4 thoughts on “Glutton Gas is in the mail”

  1. Sorry Joe… you’ll have to wait a day for it. I’m going to try and see if I can save it as a web document…. so you could have it immediately. I’ll do that soon… but not this instant.

  2. hey jon,

    connie seen a country band at seansees bar yesterday who were very inresting . they played lots of old school country and did pretty good. 4 member group with a steel guitar player who was great. the cool thing about them was that 2 of them had to be close to or in their 70s. the bass player, female sang like patsy cline but look like someones great great granpma. so also sang with no teeth at all. they even had a following of 20 or so groupies with 10 gallon hats.

    they’re called Silver Wings

    very different



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