Board meeting notes – June 4, 2008

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, June 4, 2008:

  • Salt Water Pool System:  The Club authorized the purchase and installation of a saltwater pool system for our pool.  It is supposed to be more economical to run, requires a little less maintenance and is not supposed to turn August Green. A committee is being formed and has the approval to spend up to $1,300 on a system. 
  • Flat screen TV:  The Board also authorized the expenditure of up to $1,200 on the purchase of a flat screen TV for the pool house.   Byrd and Jonco will take care of this.
  • Shit List:  Weston Porzelt is 4 months behind in his dues.  Everyone else is OK… for now.
  • Water bill is finally in the name of the Club.  If anyone sees Arnie Sullivan, let him know he’s finally off the hook.
  • Memorial Day PIGNIC made about an $80 profit.  I think it cost the Club a few bucks last year.   Thanks to all who attended.
  • R.A.A.C. By-Laws are being “cleaned up” by Dave Brink with a little help from Joe Rieker.  Hopefully the finished product will be available at the next Board meeting.
  • Football Raffle tickets are out.  About half of the tickets have been dispersed, which is good giving the time of year.  If you want some, contact Don Schoendienst or Gary Rowberry.   SELL! SELL! SELL!
  • Deck Expansion is moving along as the committee continues with the plans.  Official construction kick-off set for Sunday, September 21st.
  • GMVB 2008 plans are coming along.  Anheuser Busch has donated 3 unbrellas for the ref chairs which we need to rebuild. They also gave us about ten assorted banners for use during the tournament.  We are asking for donations for the Silent Auction earlier this year.  Please see what you can get for the auction.
  • Homeless in St. Louis updateKevin is no longer a homeless transient.  He moved into a new place in Troy IL on June 1st.   Joe Furlong has set up digs in Chesterfield.  Mike and Pat Cooper have sold their home in St. Jacob IL and are having a house built near Wentzville.  They are staying with Mikes brother in O’Fallon in the meantime. 
  • Dead trees:  The Board has authorized up to $200 to take down about 6 dead trees. 
  • A Mission Statement is apparently needed.  The Board is working on it.
  • Attic Insulation made it to the attic, but it still needs to de spread out. 
  • Reservations:  Gerard changed his reservation from August 23rd to June 14th.  Jonco cancelled his reservation of July 26thTwig reserved the Club on Tuesday, July 1st for an afternoon kids party.
  • Fathers Day at the Club:  June 15th.  Bring your own food and drink.  Club will provide charcoal for those wishing to BBQ.
  • First Happy Hour Party cost the Club $38.90 for wings and fixins.


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