Board meeting notes – July 2, 2008

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, July 2, 2008:

  • Shit List: Several members were noted as being delinquent in their dues three months or more.  Those members are:  Luis Martinez, Dan Murphy, Weston Porzelt, Joe Rieker and Rick Walton.  The Board expressed that this is a problem that needs a solution.  They discussed the possibility of changing the late fee assessed to the dues.  This will be brought up at the membership meeting July 18th.
  • Football Raffle:  About half of the tickets are out being sold as of now.   You can get tickets to sell (or keep) from either Don Schoendienst or Gary Rowberry.
  • GMVB 2008:  We need items for the Silent Auction and food items also.   If you have anything ley Jonco or Deb Heacock know.  A GMVB meeting will be held Firday, July 18th at 5:30 pm (right before the mebership meeting).  Be there if you can.
  • Deck Expansion:  The Board approved the idea of upgrading the electric panel in the garage to accomodate the electrical needs of the new addition.  No other news on the project.
  • Pool:  The Pool Committee decided to wait until after the swimming season to install a saltwater filtering system.  It will save money doing it that way.  There is some concern about the pool filter shutting down during the day for an hour or so.  We think it’s overheating and shutting off to cool down.  Not sure if that’s a problem or not.
  • By-Laws Update:  Brother Brink has gone over and revised the By-Laws with minor changes that have been enacted recently.  They should be available publicly soon.
  • Tree trimming:  The Board last month authorized the cutting down of a few problem dead trees.  The work hasn’t been done yet.
  • TV Service Upgrade:  Gary Rowberry is looking into our options on upgrading our television service with more receivers and probably HD capabilities.  He will report at the membership meeting.
  • Ice Maker: The Board approved the purchase of a new ice machine for the utility room.  The cost will be about $1700, but it should pay for itself in about five years or less.  It will make 170 pounds of ice a day.  Kevin McCauley is willing to donate a chest freezer for storing bags of ice if it will fit in the utility room.
  • New members:  Gary Rowberry is sponsoring two guys for membership.  John Lee and Jim Doyle.  They have attended several Glutton functions in the past. If you see them around the Club, welcome them. 
  • Membership Meeting:  Friday night, July 18th beginning at 7:18 pm.
  • Quote of the night:  “170 ponds of ice…. that’s a ton of ice.”  — Glen Morris  (He went to Riverview)

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