Membership meeting notes – July 18, 2008

Note from the rowdy Membership meeting of Friday, July 18, 2008:

  • Shit List: Luis Martinez, Dan Murphy and Westin Porzelt.  The membership directed to Board to handle these issues.
  • GMVB:  We currently have 6 paid teams.  We need items for the Silent Auction.  Contact Connie Karniski (314–344–2936) if you have items to donate.  You can also contact Sandy Pagano, Deb Heacock or Jon Heacock.
    We also need items donated to sell (food, drink, etc.).  Let Dave or Deb know if you can get anything.  Letters from the Club and the Children’s home and more info on GMVB can be found here.
  • Football Raffle tickets are selling and should really pick up next month before the beginning of the season.  More info here.
  • Pool pump and motor replaced:  Our pool filter motor and pump have been acting up and were replace at a cost of $419.  We’re going to try to fix the old pump and save it as a spare.  We’re also going to change to a saltwater filtering system next spring.
  • Mission Statement:  The membership adopted the mission statement prepared by Brother Brink.
    “The Redman Acres Athletic Club is a not-for-profit corporation. The Mission of the Corporation is to provide a facility for members to socialize and to participate in fundraising opportunities for various charitable organizations.”
  • Tree cutting:  Nothing has been done yet by neightbor Tom who agreed to fell five trees for $200.
  • Deck Expansion:  Work will kick-off on Sunday, September 21st.  That is the day after the golf tournament.
  • Golf Tournament September 20th:  We’re looking at an 8 am start at Belk Park.  More info here.
  • New Ice Machine:  We have a new compact ice machine in the utility room.  Mike and Larry installed it under the supervision of Gary Rowberry at a cost of $1830.  They also cleaned out the utility room.  Good job guys.  Kevin has offered the club a chest freezer, but it won’t fit in the utility room.  We’re going to use it for GMVB though.
  • Board member meeting attendance:  It’s apparently an issue.  The membership directed to Board to deal with it.
  • Amazing Race Glutton Style, is being planned for this fall.  Stay tuned.
  • New TV/ Satellite options:  Gary Rowberry did his research (finally) and presented three options for our TV service.  The membership directed toe Board to deal with it.
  • Pool House Security:  It was noted that we’re not always locking the doors and windows when we leave the Club.  The Board will look into security options.  Reminder:  Check the doors and windows when you leave the Club.
  • Membership plaque:  We’re going to ask Joe Rieker if he can update the membership plaque in the near future.  Our two newest members, John Lee and Jim Doyle were in attendance at the meeting.  They are being sponsored by Gary Rowbewrry.
  • Pots and pans: Membership approved the purchase of a set of cookware, and towels, etc for up to $200.
  • Late Fee changed:  The membership approved the motion to change the late fee to $5 per month replacing the $3 fee that was charged.  Goes intoi effect August 1, 2008.
  • Reservation Fee:  The membership approved the institution of a Reservation Fee of $50 for any reservation in addition to the $50 clean-up deposit.  This goes into effect for all reservations after January 1, 2009.

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