Board meeting notes – August 6, 2008

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, August 6, 2008:

  • The pool has been found both unlocked and very messy lately and this needs to stop.
    • Doors unlocked:  On several occasions over the last few weeks members have found that the doors are being left unlocked and the gates open.  If you’re the last person leaving YOU MUST check and make sure the doors are ALL locked.
    • Clean up after yourself:  If you’re enjoying the club facilities, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do the rest of the Club the courtesy of cleaning up the mess you made and put your trash away.  If we all left the Club as we found it, there would be no problem.  If you have a reservation, YOU are responsible for seeing that the trash is put away properly and ALSO that it gets to the street on trash pick-up day.
    • Alarm not set:  On a couple occasions members have found that the alarm was not set when they arrived at the Club.  We must ALL remember to set the alarm when we leave the Club.
  • Shit List: Joe Furlong, Dan Halverson, Kevin McCauley, Gary Spearman, and Bill Yates
  • GMVB
    • Wrist bands for workers only at a cost of $15 if you’re drinking alcohol, $10 for non alcohol adults and $5 for kids working.
    • We’re going to strive to keep muddy people out of the pool and the pool area.
    • We’re going to close the pool when we can no longer see the bottom.
    • Board voted to purchase an alcohol liability insurance policy to cover us in the event of a tragedy at a cost of about $640.  Next year we’ll raise the price of entry to cover this additional expense.
  • Football Raffle:  With the football season just a few weeks away, we need to really push the raffle tickets in the next week or so.  If you need tickets contact Gary Rowberry or Don Schoendienst.  If you have sold tickets please get them back to Gary, don or our treasurer Mike Mathews.  If you have no idea what this is about click here.
  • Golf Tournament:  September 20th at Belk Park.  We needs attendance prizes for the Golf Tournament.  If you run across anything please let Glen know.  If you want to play, let Glen know too.
  • TV Service:  A committee of Gary Rowberry, Glen Morris and Luis Martinez was formed to bring us the best deal in new service so we can have four televisions controlled separately, with HD where applicable.
  • Trees:  Tree trimming has not been done yet. Board feels that it’d be best not to drop them before MVB.  But, the work should be done soon.
  • Membership plaque:  Joe Rieker has volunteered to update the membership plaque.
  • Beer at meetings:  In an effort to facilitate better meetings, a motion to keep the beer machine locked DURING Board meetings but open afterwards was narrowly defeated by the board.

Update:  We’ve learned that we got the alcohol liability insurance for $368 instead of $640.

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