Board meeting notes – September 3, 2008

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, September 3, 2008:

  • Shit List: Eric Galvin, Dan Halverson, Dave Heacock, Dan Murphy, Bill Yates.
  • GMVB 08:  We raised $2154 for the Evangelical Children’s Home.  All the final bills aren’t in yet, but Byrd estimates that we will end up with about $5200 for the Club.  Thanks to all who worked and participated in one way or another.  Next year will be the 25th GMVB tournament.  We need to do something special for the 25th.
  • Golf Tournament:  Saturday, September 20th.  Starts at 8 am at Belk Park.  We are in need of attendance prizes for the tournament.  Let Glen know if you can come up with something.  More info here.
  • Football Raffle:  Almost all the tickets have been sold.  There might be a few still out that haven’t been sold.  Important:  If you have sold tickets that have not been turned in, you need to get them to Don S. or Gary R. ASAP.  More info here.
  • TV committee: Nothing done yet another month.  Ho-Hum
  • Pool committee: The pool came back from GMVB in about 3 days.  It was crystal clear.  It was noted that the bottom drain is clogged again.  It was also noted that the Tiger Shark vacuum system worked like a charm all year.
  • Deck Expansion: The deck expansion will get underway in a big way on Sunday, September 21st.  That’s the day after the golf tournament.  A special deck expansion meeting will be next Wednesday, September 10th at 5 pm.
  • Tree trimming:  Our neighbor Tom dropped five trees for us at a cost of $200. 
  • Recycling:  Mike Green turned in another $73 in aluminum last month.  Keep up the good work.
  • Mizzou Tailgate:  Mike green is going to do a Mizzou Tailgate in Columbia on Saturday, September 23rd.  If you’re interested in going contact Mike.
  • October Membership meeting:  The date has been set:  Friday, October 17th starting at 7:17 pm.  Be there.
  • Soda Machine narrowly escapes demise:  A raucous discussion erupted over the beer machine not having beer in it.  Several drunkards insisted that we empty the soda machine out and put beer in it too.  Someone finally pointed out that the problem was that the beer machine was not being filled often enough and that we probably don’t need 40 flavors of beer.
  • Stereo amplifier:  Alk noted that the Kenwood amp we have is going out.  He’s going to come up with some ideas about replacing it and present at the next meeting.
  • Membership plaque redo:  Joe Rieker IS working on it.
  • By-Laws:  The Board postponed discussion on the revised By-Laws until the next Board Meeting.
  • New Reservations: 
    • Dave Heacock Sat., Sep 27
    • Mike Cooper Sat. Oct 11
    • Rick Walton Sat., Oct 25
    • Schoendienst Sat., Dec 6
    • Glen Morris Sat., Dec 13
           See the complete list in the sidebar on the left.
  • New member prospect:  Al Karniski is sponsoring Andy Norton of Ferguson.  Andy was at the meeting and seems like a nice guy.  Let’s not forget our other two new member prospects: Jim Doyle and John Lee.  Welcome guys!

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