Membership meeting notes – October 17, 2008

Notes from the Membership meeting of Friday, October 17, 2008:

  • Shit List: Eric Galvin, Dan Halverson, Westin Porzelt, Dan Murphy, Bill Yates, Dan McGuire.
  • Membership Plaque:  Brother Rieker got a clarification of a few names and is putting the finishing touches on it.
  • TV Service Committee Report:  Still nothing has been done.  We determined that we want a minimum of three receivers (possibly 4) and we’ll most likely go with Direct TV.  We MAY NEED to turn off our service for 30 days in order to get the best deal as a NEW CUSTOMER.  Glen and Gary promised (again) to get it done.
  • Poker Tournament:  November 29th is the date for the Texas Holdem Tournament.  Start time is 7 pm sharp.  We’ll also do regular poker in the pool house.
  • Trivia Night:  Date has been confirmed for Saturday, January 31st at St. Norbert’s in Florissant.  That is the night before the Super Bowl.   We’re going to also use their kitchen to cook the shrimp for the Super Bowl.
  • Glutton Thoroughbred Mouse Races:  We set the date of February 28th for the next Glutton  Mouse Races.  Mark your calendars.
  • Christmas Party December 20th:  The party will be held at the Club.  Dinner served at 7 pm with some sort of program at 8:00.
  • Karaoke Night at the Bistro:  Gary Spearman is once again having a Karaoke Night at the Bistro on Saturday, November 15th.  A good time was had by all who attended last year.  Location: South 94 Bistro in St. Charles (94 outer road and Jung Station) in the St. Charlestowne Plaza.
  • Deck Expansion: Work is progressing on the deck renovation. We’re primarily working weekends on the project. The septic tank was pumped out ($275) and a new, lower (under the deck surface) cleanout pipe was installed in it.  Most of the new deck substructure is in place and decking could be started soon.  The base of the retaining wall is being installed.  We’re going to try to get the bathroom in the pool house operational before the Christmas Party. The drain work is all complete, we just need to get the water connected and fixtures installed.
  • Bits & Pieces:  The bathroom door (by the living room) is in need of some repair.  Glen said he’d look into it. The bathroom itself has been approved for remodel, but it’s on the back burner because of the deck work. … We now have two trash companies at least for a while.  Might change later. … The ref chairs are in for a sealing soon by Larry the Painter Guy. … The storage container in the back yard is leaking and in need of some repair.  Glen and Rick will look into the best solution.  … Jim Woodside has donated 21 really nice chairs to the Club.  We’re trying to decide if we have the room to store them or if we want to get rid of them. ….  The membership voted to get a new telephone with an answering machine, so we can leave messages on it for the members – things like when the next workday is or info about an upcoming meeting or event. … Money changer on the beer machine is not working.  We’re looking into the problem.

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