Charlie Wells killed in auto accident

Charlie WellsHonorary Glutton Charlie Wells was killed in an auto accident on Saturday, January 3, 2009 near his home in Bonne Terre MO. 

The Post Dispatch reports on their website

Man, 82, dies in crash with pickup

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  1. That’s terrible news about Charlie Wells
    In case you are doing a Glutton obituary on Charlie, I remember his contribution was getting us a lawyer to draw up
    the incorporation papers for RAAC for no charge.
    I think the lawyer’s name was Alan Popkin
    Holt or Kettner could add to this, but I know he was a US Marshall at the courthouse and his daughter went to school with

  2. We continue to tell the stories of Charlie?s sense of humor and his practical jokes. We remember his generosity in the days when the rest of us were poor college kids and newlyweds. Whenever we passed the hat to ?buck up? for beer or gut bombs, Charlie was always good for a twenty. We will remember his gracious hospitality and the many late nights that he opened his Bellefontaine Neighbors home and his refrigerator to a group of thirsty Gluttons. We solved many of the world?s problems while drinking beer during the early morning hours in Charlie?s basement. Grace & Charlie actually looked forward to hosting the Gluttons, the wives, girlfriends and kids at the annual ?Weekend with Wells? at their country resort in Bonne Terre. Charlie got a kick out of hanging with the Gluttons. We got a kick out of him, as well.

  3. Charlie and Grace Wells guaranteed the loan from Community Federal, along with the Combests, Reids, Paul Heacocks and the name that no one would guess…. Ed and Janet Rolle. Perhaps I could start the comments with that item.

    He also arranged for an attorney, Alan Popkin, to donate his time to incorporate RAAC.

    I just found the Promisory Note for RAAC to repay me $2,160 over 24 months, signed by Wm Holt, President and Rich Reid, Secretary. I also found a Note from Jon Hohne who borrowed $79.20 to purchase his stock. He paid $6.60 / mo
    for 12 months.

    Along with my share of RAAC stock, which I still value, I found the a copy of the Community Federal Note for $20,400.00
    at 8.0% for 25 years at $157.49 per month. But you probably knew that because you wrote many of those checks.

  4. I received a call this morning (1/9) from Ms. Brenda Jordan, Charlie’s grand-daughter-in-law. It seems that Grace had an old Glutton Directory (Brenda enjoyed Charlie’s “Magnum PIG” photo) and was insistent that the family contact Charlie’s old Glutton friends to make sure that they knew Charlie had died. Other than talking with Wendell Biggs in West Virginia (304-722-3903 BTW), I was the first person she was actually able to speak with. I assured her that because of Jon’s good work, all the old Gluttons who knew Charlie have been informed; and I passed along our sympathies .

    Brenda confirmed that Charlie’s remains have been donated to science and that there are no immediate plans for a memorial service; nor has the family requested any memorials.

    Gracie’s doing “OK” but it’s hard. One of the grandsons plans to move in with Grace for a while until her future plans are settled.

    There will be a memorial bar-b-que for Charlie in Bonne Terre sometime in the spring, however; and we will all be invited via email when the date is set.

    If you have any questions, please contact Brenda Jordan at 573-631-7322 or [email protected]. I’ve copied her on this message.

    If you’d like to send Grace & the family a note or card, here’s her contact information.

    Mrs. Grace Wells
    8802 Mostiller Road
    Bonne Terre, MO 63628

    All the best, Brother Dan

  5. Thanks Dan,

    I was a young punk(I’m just older now) the first time I met Charlie and have some great memories of his place on the lake, when we camped there a couple of times. I did not know him that well, but remember him and Grace as being as nice and hospitable as they could be when we were at their home. I am definately planning to attend the memorial. Thanks again.

    Dave Heacock

    P.S. I still hear the “tree pigs” every once in a while!

  6. I had a couple of comments that were unknowing held for my approval. They are now visible. (I’m sorry that took a couple days. I’ll keep a closer eye on that in the future.)
    I also copied a few emails received and posted them as comments for all to read.
    Please feel free to add your comments here.

  7. A few memories I have:
    We were camping and the big storm rolled in. We called it Hurricane Charley. We were physically holding down the tent to keep it from blowing away.
    I still remember Ike nearly breaking his leg tripping over “the black thing” (trailer that was parked in the dark).
    I also got a lot of pleasure from burying my nephew PJ up to his neck in the sand at the beach.
    Swimming, Mangum P.I.G., good barbecue, and sitting around the campfire drinking and passing out…. all good memories…. well the ones I can remember anyway.

  8. A message received from Charlies family:
    Hi, Dan, my name is Elizabeth Jordan, I’m married to Charlie’s youngest grandson Ceth. Ceth and I will be living with Grace now that Charlie’s passed.
    Brenda forwarded me the email you sent to your Glutton club and I just wanted to let you know that Grace is requesting any memorials be sent to St. Paul Lutheran School Building Fund 608 Carleton St. Farmington MO
    63640. This is where all Charlie and Grace’s great-grandchildren attend school.
    Thank you for passing the word on to all Charlie’s Glutton Club friends, and we will look forward to seeing all of you this spring at the memorial!
    Elizabeth Jordan

  9. Hi I am Charlie’s middle grandson Chris. I, as a little boy, remember some of the camp outs at my grandparents lake. The funniest memory I have is leaving here to return to Texas, but before we left we filled the grill up with fire works, then covered it all with charcoal for the camp out that was to be the next weekend. If I remember correctly, Steve Kettner was the chef that started out the day with a bang. I also remember attending the mud volleyball tournaments at the club with my grandparents.

    I just read Grace all the lovely comments from everyone and she would like to thank everyone for the memories. And wants everyone to know that she is doing well. Grace also “seems” to remember the lawyer for the RAAC incorporation was Marty Roskins.

    Thanks Chris Jordan

  10. I was realy sad to here this news. I had great memories at Charlie and Grace’s home.
    I hunted and fished with Charlie for many years, what great friend.Opening up his house
    house for those Club camp outs, Charlie saying don’t shoot my frogs.[Steve].Rambo-Charlie shooting clay birds in his speedo swimsuit. [yikes]
    I will enjoy seeing everyone at the memorial.See you there.

  11. It’s not that I do not have good memories of Charlie to post, it’s that my memory is not good.
    I remember being there the night at the old club when, for some reason lost in my memory (LIM), maybe Cool Hand Luke and the boiled eggs, Buff made the decision that he could eat 50 gut bombs. Charlie said that if Buff would try, he (Charlie) would buy. I remember being of the opinion that Buff could eat 50 and if he couldn’t, I could help eat the rest. Who went to get them is LIM but I remember seeing the 50 White castles lined up on the “kitchen” table and Buff sitting in a chair, I also remember Buff slowly and deliberately eating the gut bombs as we cheered him on. Buff did not eat 50, how many he did eat is LIM as are so many other things. I also believe that it was Buff’s contention, after the fact, that he never thought he could eat 50, he just wanted some gut bombs and didn’t have money to buy any.
    Come to think of it, the term “Gut Bombs” itself may be Charlie’s. Charlie is the first person I heard call White Castles “Gut Bombs.” As I think of it, the terms most people use for White Castles is “Belly Bombers” or “Sliders” – seldom if ever do I hear the term “Gut Bombs” used outside of the Glutton culture. So I guess we have Charlie to thank for the uniquely Glutton term “Gut Bombs.”
    I’d appreciate any memory clarifications of or additions to the above.
    Dave Brink .

  12. David – One would think you could member your visit to Charlie’s with a necktie and your return sans a tie …

    Brother Dan

  13. I can shed a little light on the fifty gut bomb story.

    We were, in fact, at the old club, late at night, when the subject of gut bombs came up. This was one of the many occasions where each of us threw in a buck or some change and Charlie came through with the rest. As we were getting the order together, Charlie asked how many everybody wanted. Most everybody was “five and a fry”. Cool Hand Luke is a 1967 movie and this took place in the late sixties. So, in his best Paul Newman voice, Buff (he may have still been David back then) announced, “I can eat fifty”. Charlie started to chuckle and responded, “Nobody can eat fifty gut bombs”. We bought a hundred gut bombs, fifty for Buff and fifty for the rest of us. I think that, at the time, the closest White Castle was at Kingshwy & NB.

    Charlie took fifty out of the bag and lined them up in front of Buff, who was seated at the kitchen table. He went through the first twenty very quickly and then hit the wall. He slowed down and started gagging on them and we caught him feeding Toddles under the table with his left hand as he was feeding himself with his right hand. He reached the low thirties, but that included the ones that were eaten by Toddles. Charlie laughed his ass off all the way through, reminding us several times, “Nobody can eat fifty gut bombs, heh heh”.

    Buff’s contention was, indeed, after the fact. It is about as valid as his promises to pay his dues or move his car from the driveway.

    The term, “gut bomb” was a variation of the term “belly bomber” that was popularized at that time. We made frequent gut bomb runs from Charlie & Grace’s house during the early morning hours. Charlie just shook his head and chuckled every time we used the term, “gut bomb”.

    Speaking of Charlie’s house, I was a witness to the decapitation of the necktie! I will be happy to provide details, but since it was Dave’s tie, I shall defer.

  14. Grace has a very good memory. Charlie did approach a friend, Mortimer “Morty” Rosecan to assist us in the incorporation of RAAC. Morty was a partner in the law firm, Rosecan & Popkin. The legal work was ultimately done, at no cost to the club, by Alan Popkin.

  15. I was also a witness to the 50 Gut Bomb Challenge. As is true for Brother Brink, my memory is somewhat limited of that evening.

    I do remember that I went on the trip to the White Castle at Kingshighway & Natural Bridge to make the purchase. I don’t recall who else went on that “Bomb Run”, but I know that there were 3 of us, and we were the only white guys in the place. (They didn’t have drive-thru’s in those days!) We got lots of stares from the other customers, but nobody bothered us. One of the brothers observed that we must be “feeding the family” tonight as the three of us walked out with several bags each.

    The rest of the evening went pretty much as Steve related. However, it seems to me that there was another component to Buff & Charlie’s bet. After he ate the 50 burgers, Buff was supposed to do something else…twice! Of course, he didn’t make it anywhere near the required 50, so the rest of the bet became irrelevant.

    Does anyone else who was there that night remember the second part of the bet?

    I’ll raise a glass and say a prayer for our departed friend. May he rest in Peace.

  16. I’m sure that on Charlie’s journey up the ladder, God is saying, “we’re gonna have some fun now. I hope you brought the gut bombs.”

  17. ?I remember Charlie?

    I loved Charlie, and remember so many great laughs and good times.

    My memories started when we first met Charlie and Grace in the summer of 1963, (Wow 45 years ago) after a day at Chain of Rocks swimming pool. Sharon brought us to her home to meet her parents. Charlie welcomed us into his home. His first quote was ?Boys??you?re always welcomed here, but you?re too young to drink whiskey?. But later while sitting at his bar, he said ?Do you want some whiskey??

    These are a few of my found memories:
    I remember his favorite quote when we would pull his chain about a controversial topic. ?Arrree you kiddin?
    ?Let?s drink some whisky!?
    ?We can play pool, but no gambling?. After a few games, he would say ?How much money do you want to bet??
    ?Nobody??can eat 50 gut bombs?
    ?Boys?. I don?t care what you do, but don?t shoot the frogs.?

    Charlie?s machete, he kept under the bar to decapitate neck ties.
    He financed sponsorship of our softball team.
    The week day Cardinal business men?s games we attended.
    Long afternoons at Andrew?s bar.
    We played pool in his basement.

    Do you remember some great times at his lake during the summer?
    The designation of katydids, as ?tree pigs?
    How do you kill a vampire tree pig?
    Twig and I sneaking through the lake weeds, in the moonlight, not realizing all those on the beach could see our every move.
    In a drunken conversation, telling Charlie I felt I could jump over the 10? high bon fire. His response was, ?If you take a run from up on the road, I think you could make it?.

    I remember when we needed help to purchase the club, instead of helping with money; he helped us to find solutions we thought were our own ideas. If we had personal legal problems, he would find solutions, free legal advice and help and representation when necessary. I will miss my friend.

    ?The Lord will be your everlasting light, and your days of sorrow will end.? Isaiah 60: 20


  18. I am Charlie’s daughter, Sharon. I cannot tell you what a joy it was to go to your website and see my dad’s picture. The comments are great! I miss him! He had a heart of gold!

    I can remember the parties at our house!
    Fun! Fun! Fun! I can remember going to White Castle with the guys about 2 am. They ordered 150 gut bombs and a coke. My dad thought that was so funny!

    Hey, some of you that knew me email or call me sometime. I would love to hear from you!

    Sharon Wells Jordan
    [email protected]

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