GMVB a huge, hot success

Gmvb ballThe 25th Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament was a huge success.  48 teams played in the hot sun with 97°F temperatures to determine who would end up as the champions of the tournament this year.  Nose First nosed out the second place team in the final game which ended at 8:25 pm, just as dusk was settling in.  We couldn’t have played one more game without lights.

Final number aren’t in, but we did make over $1400 for the Evangelical Children’s Home with the Silent Auction.

Thanks – We sincerely want to thank a lot of people for making this the best GMVB yet.  Thanks to the following:  The Gluttons of course who worked hard to get things ready for the event; the kids who worked the food booth all day; the friends of Gluttons who pitched in and helped work the concessions; our magnificent sound technicians; Alk, Byrd and Andy; our M.C. Dave B; our grounds-keeper Ranger Rick who did a marvelous job with the courts; our hosers Mike & Murph; our referees, who worked tirelessly on the ref stands even closer to the hot sun under the supervision of Mindy; Ding the pool bitch; Kevin who managed the tournament; Rieker who controlled the brackets; Mel, Dan and Don who did most of the cooking; Twig who got us the porta potties; Sandy & Kris who organized the Silent Auction; Glen & Julie who organized the food booth, Pat, Janet, Pat and Kris who sold tickets and T-shirts, everyone who donated items for the Silent Auction, and especially Dave & Deb for chairing the whole event.  And thanks to anyone I forgot to mention.

Most importantly we’d like to thank the people who came and played in the tournament and their fans who came along to root them on.  Thank You… Thank You… Thank You!

Here are a few pictures for the day.  If you have any you’d like to share, send them to [email protected].  Or if you already have them online send a link to your pictures.  You can click on these thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.

 Gmvb16 Gmvb17 Gmvb15 Gmvb7 Gmvb13 Gmvb18Gmvb14 Gmvb12 Gmvb11 Gmvb10 Gmvb9  Gmvb6 Gmvb5 Gmvb4 Gmvb3  Gmvb2 Gmvb1Gmvb8

Gmvb champs

6 thoughts on “GMVB a huge, hot success”

  1. Jonco – thanks for everything you’ve done as well. It is simply amazing that you’ve already updated the website and included pics. Great job!!!

  2. I wanted to say thank you for hosting such a fun event. This was our first year attending and we want to do it again. We had a blast. If you could add the two email addresses below to your mailing list for next year?..I would greatly appreciate it as we would love to come back again??Thanks

  3. Mike you and your crew did an awesome job! … What a great time!! ..I hope you did well on your fund raising efforts. …Can’t wait for next year!
    Joe C

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