You can now add an image to your comment

I’ve added a plugin that will allow readers to add a picture to their comments.  At the bottom of the comment window is a Browse button.  Click on it to locate the picture you want to send. Type your comment and press the Submit Comment button.  It will display a thumbnail picture of your image with your comment.   Click that thumbnail image to see the picture.

Browse button

Here are some guidelines:

  • JPEG format pictures only
  • No larger than 100K in size
  • PG (or better) rated
  • Try to keep them related to the content of the post

Let’s see how this goes for a trial period.  If it gets out of hand I’ll stop it. 

I’ve added a picture to the first comment so you can see how they look.


1 thought on “You can now add an image to your comment”

  1. This is Logan who broke both of her arms the day after GMVB when she fell through a glass that wasn’t there.

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