Board meeting notes ? September 2, 2009

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, September 2, 2009.

  • Pool:  The Tiger Shark (automatic pool vacuum) was borrowed without permission and without letting anyone know leading us to believe it was stolen.  It was returned the next day.  The Board decided that we do not loan out equipment like that (or televisions or lawn mowers or audio visual equipment).  Chairs and tables are a different matter.  But you MUST get Board approval to take anything from the Club premises and you MUST leave a note on the bulletin board informing members when you take something and when you’re going to return it.  You are responsible for any damage to our property while it’s in your possession.
  • Security system:  We have installed a video security system with a DVR that was donated to the Club. 
  • Soda machine was cleaned and fixed after being off for most of the summer.  There is an occasional malfunction in the coin acceptor though. Rieker is going to clean the changer.
  • 10th Glutton Golf Tournament is set for Saturday, September 26th at 8 am.  For more info see the flier.
  • Football Raffle:  Sales are going good and we’re expecting to sell out by opening day. 
  • Deck Expansion:  Looks like we’re going to get back on the project.  The kitchen work will resume after Labor Day and the ceiling completion is set to resume after the Golf Tournament.
  • Water:  Mike Green has installed a new water faucet at the front of the pool house.
  • Scrolling electronic signs:  Joe Rieker acquired three electronic digital sign for free.  We’ll use them for Club functions mainly, but they could be used for general announcements too.
  • Mouse races:  We’re in the process of picking a date for the Mouse Races.  Look for it in February or March of 2010.
  • Vinyl Decals:  Jonco is having some small Glutton decals made up that you can put on your car (or home) windows.  They should sell for $2.50 – $3 each.  They should be available at the October Membership meeting.
  • Bowling at Corner Bar:  Mike Green is looking into acquiring a night for our annual Bowling at the Corner Bar in St. Charles.  More info when it becomes available.
  • Recycling made $33 last month.
  • Fall Work Day Sunday, September 27.  We need the membership’s help to do some work around the Club.  Much needs to be done:  seal driveway, finish new roof ceiling, close the pool, fix the toilet. etc.
  • Trivia Night:  We’re trying to acquire the night before Super Bowl once again at St. Norberts. 
  • End of Summer Party Sunday, September 20th.  BYO food and drink.
  • Membership Meeting:  Friday, October 23rd at 7:23 pm.

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