Board meeting notes ? February 3, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, February 3, 2010.

  • Trivia Night: Set up at 4:30pm.  Doors open at 6:30.  Jonco will M.C. since Brink is blinded by cataracts
  • Deck Committee:  Kitchen is the last remaining project to be completed.  Will get started on it as soon as the weather breaks.  Should be done by Pignic.  Still underbudget by a little bit but will need a little more to finish the project right.
  • Bathroom remodel:  Might be held off until the fall now.
  • St. Pat’s Party March 13:  Festivities get underway about 2 pm.  $5 pp to cover the cost of corned beef meal.  BYOB and a snack to share.
  • Poker Tournament:  Thinking about doing one in the spring.
  • Super Bowl Shrimp Feast:  $15 pp.  3:328 start time. Several people will bring chili and/or snacks.   Spearman will bring a load of smoked wings for $25
  • Shit List:  D. Halverson and Jim Woodside.  Bord is going to prepare a form letter to send to delinquent members.
  • Reservation collusion:  Discussed whether the collusion in securing reservation dates is fair.  Many feel it is fair.  Some don’t.  Board talked about trying to come up with a solution by the October Membership meeting.
  • Beer machine light:  Dan Sucich is going to try to get a light bulb for the beer machine.
  • Beer at meetings: There was a motion to discuss limiting beer drinking at meetings.  Motion was not sdeconded.  The Club has never been so quiet.  This reporter thought he had gone deaf.
  • Election of new officers:  President –  Kevin McCauley, Vice-President –  Joe Rieker, Sgt. of Arms –  Dan Murphy, Social Coordinator –  Kevin McCauley, Chairman –  Mike Green, Vice-Chairman –  Glen Morris, Treasurer –  Mike Mathews, Orientation Officer –  Gerard Pfeffer and of course… Official Supervisor –  Gary Rowberry.

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