Board meeting notes ? April 7, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

  • Bar Stools:  Glen found some at Garden Ridge that he likes.  They’re not extremely sturdy, but they’re similar to the patio sets we have and are $40 each.  He thinks they would last several years before they’d have to be replaced. The Board didn’t make a decision about getting them.
  • Pool filter:  The salt water system did very good last year.  We’re gearing up for the 2nd year using it.  Pool committee: Al Karniski, Kevin McCauley, Rick Walton and Glen Morris.
  • Tiger Shark is malfunctioning:  The pool cleaning device the Tiger Shark is apparently losing power on occasion.  Glen is going to look into it.
  • Memorial Bricks:  Jon & Glen are going to order the Memorial Bricks right after the Membership Meeting on April 16th.  As of now we have 12 or 13 names on our list.
  • Bathroom / Utility room remodel:  It’s well under way.  The bathroom should be useable by the Membership meeting.  The utility room will be finished after that.
  • Shit List:  Jim Woodside and Dan Halverson.
  • Deck Expansion:  All we have left to do is the outdoor kitchen.  Dave promises it will be done by Memorial Day.
  • Storage Container roof:  The Board voted to spend up to 250 to fix the roof of the container in the back yard.  It leaks.
  • Website: The Board authorized $76.61 for two years of web hosting for the Glutton website.
  • Recycling:  Mike green turned in $51 worth of aluminum cans.  Thanks to all the soda drinkers.
  • Ice maker Move:  We’re going to move the ice maker into the bar room where the beermeister is now and then sell the beermeister.
  • Bye Bye Bud: Board voted to remove Budweiser form the beer machine.  They say it’s not selling.  Alk heartily disagreed.
  • Upcoming events:
    • April 16: Membership Meeting: Friday,  at 7:16 pm
    • April 30: Texas Holdem Poker Tournament –  Contact Glen
    • Sept. 10: Sex Trivia
    • Sept 11:  Reserved –  Gary Spearmann
  • Adjourned at 9:11 pm.

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