Club shines in preparation for PIGNIC

Three new fans were installed in the patio area.  We ran the cable for a new HD satellite receiver for the new TV.  We now have to wait for the guy to come out and hook it all up. 

Gerard makes some final touches on the new stainless grill countertop.  Next we need to put in doors to cover the front.
Grill gerard

Supervisor Rowberry had his crew burning everything they could get their hands on… from tree limbs to pallets.  They also organized our extra brick piles and building materials.
Gary fire

That is, when they weren’t standing around drinking.
Drinking at fire

Joe Rieker watches TV while Glen  farts around at the ceiling as the fan installed itself.  Also helping with the fans was Dave H. 
Fan install

Seriously, a lot of work got done today.  Thanks guys!

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