Memorial Day PIGNIC this Sunday

The 40th Glutton Memorial Day PIGNIC at the Club will take place this Sunday.  Our first Memorial Day Pignic was the first year we moved into the Club on Jerries Lane, 1971.  We’ve had one every year since.

BBQ, Beer, soda, and trimmings will be the fare for the day.  Cost for the day will be $15 for adults and either $5 or $10 (conflicting price lists) for kids under 21 with kids under 6 free.

We’re going to have a band, Hazard County (Southern Rock) from 6 –  10 pm, so bring your dancing shoes.

We’re also going to dedicate the Memorial Bricks that were placed in the new patio area.

Festivities get underway about 11 am and will last until the wee hours.  The forecast looks great, so we hope to see you there.

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day PIGNIC this Sunday”

  1. I was just wondering when the updated form for the 2010 GMVB will be up. I have my team and money, but just was waiting for the 2010 form.

  2. We should finalize everything by the end of next week. (We have a meeting next Wednesday night to finalize details.) I can tell you that the tournament will be on Saturday, August 7th for sure. That’s changed from previous years. Entry feel will be $100 if paid by July 25th or $120 if paid after July 25. Everything else will be announced on Thursday or Friday of next week.

  3. i heard that some of us had a little to much fun…glen your kid and his buddy took the leap from the poolhouse…
    guess what big guy you owe $200.oo

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