Glutton Old Boys meet again

The second meeting of the Glutton Old Boys aka O.G.’s took place yesterday at the Club.

GOB July 2010
FRONT ROW: Rick Walton, Opie, Pee Wee Yates, Bill Holt, Gary Schirmer, Jon Heacock, Bunky, Steve Kettner.  SECOND ROW: Dan Sucich, Fred Horner, Dan Toney, Dave Brink,  Don Schoendienst, Gerard, Twig.
THIRD ROW: Hoosier, Nately, Mike Mesle, Greg Pfeffer. BACK ROW:  Larry Petersen, Paul Heacock, Dan McGuire.
Present but not in this photo, Pat ‘Ace’ McLean.                   Click to enlarge any picture

Gob1  Gob3 Gob4 Gob5 Gob6 Gob2

No screen doors were hurt in the making of this event.

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