Looking back

Ran across this photo recently.  It’s from August 1985.  There is a tournament bracket on the wall, so I’m thinking this must have been the very first GMVB tournament.

Club Garage Pignic
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Notice the old garage and the patio blocks.  We also hadn’t put in the sliding door to the rec room yet. Things have changed a bit since then.

3 thoughts on “Looking back”

  1. can you belive all the changes and the dues are still only $20 what a deal…thanks to everyone who makes it happen..

  2. I know I’ll be in the minority…but I kind of miss when the Club looked like that. When you could accidentally break or spill something and not have to care about it too much. When making the jump from the roof the the pool was actually a challenge. When pool-nets hung from the side of the building and the deck was about six feet wide…

    Also, it’s raining in that shot. Almost HAS to be Memorial Day! 😉

  3. This picture brings back some old memories. I was on the winning team that first year with Stump,Twig,Mike Brennan,Brenda Barnum and I’m not sure who else. I can’t remember how many players per team. Anyway Stump had a picture of the team in his office along with the trophy.When we lost Stump,his younger brother Bobby,who worked at ECH at the time, took the picture and the trophy. I’m not sure what he did with it. A few years later, Bobby passed away. I don’t know what might have become of it after that. Twig or Dave may have it for all I know. I’d like to get a copy of it if it were to turn up.

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