New Key Entry System

The new key entry and alarm system has been installed  at the club.  So, be prepared to use your new key fob to gain entry to the club. The old card reader WILL NOT work.  You will need your personalized key code to get into the clubhouse (actually you need it to leave).  If you don’t have a new key fob yet or have forgotten your code contact Dave Heacock (314–574–3237) and he’ll get you one. 

  • When you arrive at the Club you will have to swipe your new key fob at the card reader outside the door. 
  •  The door will unlock for 5 seconds and the alarm will be automatically deactivated.
  • When you leave the club you must hit the Command button, then select Arm to arm the system.
  • Enter your personalized code number in the keypad.
  • The alarm will activate in about 30 seconds and the door will automatically lock when you leave.

Remember, you must have the new key fob and your personalized code to enter and leave the club from now on.

If you have any questions call Dave Heacock at 314–574–3237.


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