A few updates

I’ve updated the membership list and added an Officers page and some links to contact the officers.  I still need to update the email list.

I’ve added a couple more old Glutton videos to the Glutton Productions page.

I’ve updated the Glutton Calendar and added the reservations that I know of.  Check it out and if it’s wrong please let me know.

I’ve also done some general updates (upcoming events and the like). 

Did you know you can leave comments on any post on the site.  There is a Comments or Leave a comment link at the bottom of the posts. link at the bottom of all the posts.


1 thought on “A few updates”

  1. Jon, Why don’t you have all the reservations listed on the web? I have August 25th but you did not list it. I feel I’ve been left out again. Nobody likes me…:(

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