January 2012 Meeting Notes

  • New Entry system and alarm are installed and operational.  Your old key fob will no longer work.  If you don’t have a new key or don’t know how to operate the system contact Dave Heacock ASAP.
  • Progressive Dinner is in the works
  • Mouse Races have been postponed
  • Helium: We need it before St. Pat’s Party
  • Horseshoe Pits:  Rick relocated them and re-did them They look great!
  • Work Weekend:  We’ve set aside the weekend of February 25 & 26 to work on the trees and a few other miscellaneous things that need to be done around the Club.  How does 10 am sound?
  • The Board will meet at 6:30 on meeting nights in a closed session to work on agenda and discuss any special topics.
  • Make A Wish Dance Feb 25 –  Mike Green informed us of the event.  Fried chicken, beer and soda plus raffles and a live band at VFW Hall in Collinsville for $15 ($20 at door).  Contact Mike for details.
  • Glutton Old Boys have requested April 11 and Jul 18 for GOB days at the club.
  • July Board meeting will take place on Thursday, July 5 due to the holiday.
  • Air Filters:  We’re looking for a couple new clean air filters for the club.  We also wondering what happened to the two we used to have.
  • We have a new wireless microphone system that worked very well at the Trivia Night.

New Board of Directors:  Mike Green, Glen Morris, Mike Mathews, Al Karniski, Gary Rowberry, Jon Heacock,  Kurt Mirth, Alternate: Dave Heacock

New Club Officers: President: Larry Green, Vice President: Dan Murphy, Secretary: Kevin McCauley, Treasurer: Mike Mathews, Sgt. At Arms:, Dave Heacock, Social Coordinator: Kevin McCauley, Orientation Officers: Gary Rowberry and Al Karniski


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