Retired Dan

Dan Sucich who has been counting down the days until his retirement for the last two year or so to anyone who’d listen, made it official Saturday night with his “surprise” retirement party at the club.  A great crowd was on hand to show Dan how much they cared.  And for the free beer and food!  A job well done.  Congratulations Dan!


3 thoughts on “Retired”

  1. Special thanks go out to Dave, Jen, Debbie, Mick, Tina and Rowberry for helping me with this event. Dan had a great time, smile on his face most of the night and managed to stay up til 2:30. Thanks for the great gifts and well wishes from everyone. Special thanks to the Glutton members for the BBQ pit and accessories, the Gift Certificate to Wildwood Lodge (already looked at the line up for next year!) You guys are awesome.

  2. A big Thank You to Al and Andy for the great music selections. As you could see by all the dancing, Dan enjoyed it as well. Great job to Pat for the yummy food from Russo’s and taking care of the buffet table. I couldn’t have done it without you all.

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