Memorial Day Pignic – Great Day!

Pignic 2013 group

More than 70 people attended the 43rd  annual Glutton Memorial Day Pignic at the club on Sunday.  A very brief shower made it an official Memorial Day Pignic because we know it ALWAYS rains on the Pignic.  Click the photos top enlarge

Pignic 131 Pignic 513 Pignic 132  Pignic 134 Pignic 135 Pignic 136 Pignic 137 Pignic 138 Pignic 139 Pignic 413 Pignic 613 Pignic 713 Pignic 813 Pignic 913 Pignic1 Pignic213 Pignic313 Pignic 1210 Pignic 1311 Pignic 1312

A great time was had by all.  Can’t wait until next year when we celebrate 50 years of Gluttony!


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