Bud Men in the Land of Leprechans

Mike Big Byrd Mathews is winding down his golf trip in Ireland and will be coming home on Wednesday to nearly 100°F temperature after two weeks of highs in the 60’s and near 70°F.  Byrd and his left-hand man, Larry Petersen being the wusses they are, opted for good old Budweiser instead of the local brews in the Irish homeland.  Apparently Larry has coined the phrase, “When in Ireland, it’s only money”.

Bud men

Mike sends along this photo that almost looks more like a painting than a photo of his golfing group taken shortly after one in their group got a hole-in-one at the Royal County Down course.  Of course it wasn’t Mike or Larry that got the hole-in-one.  They played ten rounds of golf on ten different courses.

Irish golf

When they get off the plane and step out into the hot and humid St. Louis weather it’d be nice if someone was there holding a sign saying, “Welcome to Hell”.


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