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50th Group

Close to 200 people attended the Glutton 50th Anniversary Pignic at the club on Sunday.? A lot of hard work went into pulling this event together, from the 50th Anniversary Committee who’ve been working on this since last summer to all the people who worked hard to get the club in shape and those who shopped, cooked, cleaned in preparation for the?four day celebration.? By ALL accounts it was a wonderful celebration.? We got SO many compliments about how great the club looked and how?involved most of?the newer members are.? We also heard many comments about how much the newer guys learned about the history of the club.?It was truly a mutual appreciation celebration.? The old guys appreciate how much the newer guys ?get it?.? Click image to enlarge.

Update: ?A few hundred more photos can be found here


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  1. Will somebody please tell Ranger Rick that if he wants to do his Grant Wood(American Gothic)impression in the future, he can’t stand behind a post with his pitchfork? Brother Dan

  2. Hi Boys, the Internet and Facebook has been ringing with praises for all who made the 50th Anniversary Weekend possible. Here are a few examples from the Old Boys that you might not have seen:

    From Phyllis Wood Ritter: Thanks again for a wonderful evening with the Gluttons. The program was most excellently prepared. We came over for a bit in the morning to the club house. It is amazing. Looks like a very fun place for old and new Gluttons. I loved seeing the set up and the of course the mud volleyball pits. Thanks again for inviting me and Bob. He had a good time too. Maybe too good a time. 🙂 Love you guys, Phyllis Ritter

    From Heak to nephew David: Just a quick note to formally thank you and all the other GNBs ? (Glutton New Boys) for all you did to host and make the 50th Anniversary such a great event. I talked with most, if not all, of the GOBs who attended and we agreed it was the best Glutton event ever. Please share our appreciation with all the GNBs who worked to make this such a memorable day. Heak I

    From Dave to Uncle Heak: Thanks for the kind words. It was a great weekend, not to be outdone for a long while!! It was great to see everyone again. Thanks, Dave

    From Hots: A huge thank you to all who did so much for so many. Those of us who are in the “many” owe you a debt of gratitude. This was a great weekend and such an opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. What a Brotherhood. Thanks, Dale Hotze “Hots”

    From Nately: Ditto to Paul’s thanks and congrats to the all who helped make last weekend happen! Great time with “old” friends, 50 years WOW — John, alias Nately

    From Larry Ann: Paul, agree. Thanks to all the new members for the great hospitality! It was also great to see all the GOBs, wives, sons/daughters……

    From Pfeff: Agreed … Thanks sooo much for the hospitality from the Newer Gluttons, and what a hoot to see all the Old Boys! The International Brotherhood of Gluttons … it is not just a club…it is a way of life! Peace

    From James of Scottsdale: Ditto, ditto, ditto. What a wonderful time. Thanks again to the Heacock boys, Danny and Jew. Let’s not wait ten more years. We can’t afford to. Easy for me to say since I don’t have to do the hard work. Jim

    From The Beak: To all responsible for hosting a great weekend, please accept my heartfelt thanks as well. The entire event surpassed my lofty expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my GOB friends as always and made some new friends as well. What a great bunch of guys and gals! I even learned some history that I never knew! With much appreciation,
    Beak (Texas based GOB)

    From the Hoosier: Thanks again guys, great time but who were all those old guys?

    From Schirm: I add my thanks for a great weekend!!!

    From Big Fred: Alright, Alright ? enough already – WHO CARES? and SO WHAT? Seriously ? it was a wonderful time ? good friends, good eats and good drinks. Thanks to all ? the planners, the workers, the attendees. The Big Fred

    From Jonco: We are One Glutton Nation!

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