Yard Drainage Work

About ten guys spent Saturday at the club working on the yard drainage. ?Murph and Deadeye got the equipment to the club. ?The two downspouts on the front of the club were put into drains that were trenched underground and to the driveweay area. There a drain was installed and a trench was cut across the driveway and then across the yard to the creek. ?A french drain was installed alongside the driveway and connected to the drain to the creek. ?This should go a long way to solving our water problems in the yard. ?Those needing high fives for their work include, Dan Murphy, Don Schoendienst, Tim Daniels, Gerard Pfeffer, Dan Sucich, John Lee, Scott Taylor, Mike Green, Ray Staples. ?Jonco and Mark Bay (a Gizmo friend and Glutton wannabe) also helped out at the end. ?Rick moved some cones too. Truth be told, it was Murph’s friend Bob Cat that did most of the work. ?It was a group effort.

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