Gary Rowberry sails thru hip replacement

Gary Rowbverry had his hip replacement surgery on Monday?(Jan. 8) in Houston as scheduled. By Tuesday afternoon he was back at his apartment.? Gary said as soon as he woke up after surgery he was no longer hurting. He says he feels great and hopes to be back to work in a couple of weeks.? Typical recovery time is 6 to 8 weeks but he’s hoping the doctor will clear him to return to work since, as we know, he really doesn’t do anything.

Row says he was really crabby, which he attributes to his bad hip, and also always tired which he attributes to his bad heart.? Now that he’s?taken care of those two issues he feels like a new man.? He said, “the Crabby Row is gone!”? And he has a lot more energy than he did have.? Anyone wanting to call him and test his crabbyless?attitude, you can reach him at 314-715-5429.


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