McGuire Has Heart Attack

Dan McGuire, the less attractive one in the photo at right, suffered a heart attack Sunday morning (December 30). Dan was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital where they roto-rootered his clogged coronary artery and installed a stent to keep the blood flowing. He was in intensive-care Sunday but was expected to move to a regular room Monday. He was up and moving Sunday evening and is on the mend.

Dan said he feels good and they’ll keep him for 3 days because if anything goes wrong it usually happens within those three days. He appreciates your thoughts and prayers and says there’s no need to pay a hospital visit and hopes to see you all soon.

Update: Dan was discharged on New Years Day so he can recuperate at home.

2 thoughts on “McGuire Has Heart Attack”

  1. On the way home from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon – HOORAY!

    Thanks to all of you! Dan

  2. Glad to see you are back home. You’re no doubt good for another 100,000 miles before your next oil change!

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