The Gluttons Family Tree

The Gluttons Family Tree ? 1964-2014

May 18, 2014


The Gluttons 50 Year Roster is posted in the links?below?and shows the members’ formal names in alphabetical order (with the year each first joined the Club) and as listed in various groups: The Basketball Gluttons (1964), The Sweatshirt Gluttons (1964), The Riverview Gluttons (1965-1971), The Redman Acres Gluttons (1971-2014), The Associate Gluttons (1968-2014), the Honorary Gluttons, and In Memoriam.

In this Gluttons Family Tree section, names?are written more informally. Members are listed by the names they are usually called (e.g., Charlie rather than Charles V.), followed?by any nicknames in parentheses.??I’m sure we might have missed some nicknames, so everyone please double-check?our listing.??However, although we do not want to omit any nickname, we certainly do not wish to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings in perpetuity, so if you note a nickname that might be offensive to the owner – please let us know so it can be omitted in the 50th Anniversary Yearbook planned to be printed early next year.

To date, there have been 207 Official Gluttons (including two gals and two dogs), so the Family Tree stuff is divided into two parts to make it easier to understand, “The 50 Children of Gluttonius” and “The Glutton Family Tree: 1964-2014.”??While Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom, was born directly from the godhead of her father Jupiter; Jupiter?s brother?s children were spawned directly from Gluttonius? arse!? They were the Basketball, Sweatshirt, Charter Riverview and Honorary Gluttons, and they didn’t need?no stinkin’?sponsor!

On the pages that follow, the number on the left before each name shows that person?s generation.? Everyone with the same number is in the same generation of Gluttons.

Generation 1? ?is Gluttonius and our?Alma Mater, Momma McGuire ? the Gluttons? ?Nourishing Mother?;

Generation 2? are the 50 Children of Gluttonius (L Filii Gluttonius);

Generation 3? are the Grandchildren of Gluttonius (and the children of Gen 2);

Generation 4? are the Great-Grandchildren of Gluttonius, (the children of Gen 3, and the grandchildren of Gen 2); and so on.

b =?birth year?(year first became a Glutton); d = year died (for real); and?* = Still a Member in 2014.


Analysis of the Family Tree shows some interesting things – some?fun and some sad!

  • Dave Heacock has the most known “Children” ? 13!
  • Dave’s?Uncle Paul, the Original Heak, has three children and the most known?”Descendants” ? 60; but in fairness, Jonco, Paul?s ?first son,? is responsible for 57 of them!
  • And our Uncle Little Fred?sired the most?”Generations” of Gluttons ??Eight ??making him a?6 Times (6X) Glutton Great-Grandfather!
  • Of our eight Honorary Members, only three remain on ?this side of the bricks? – Momma McGuire, Lois Busch (we hope),?and Wrigley (the Ranger’s dog).
  • Of the 50 Children of Gluttonius, only?two are still Resident (Life) Members, Dave Brink & Dan McGuire; but 10 more are active as Senior, Non-Resident and Honorary Members.? Sadly, we know of at least nine Children that are now on ?the other side of the bricks??
  • Of the potentially fertile Children of Gluttonius (Resident Members), only?8 have produced lines where there are still active members: Ike, The Original Heak, Little Fred, Don McGuire, The Hoosier, Big Fred, Coach and Terry Jansing.? Are they the?”True Founding Fathers?”

The Glutton Family Tree 5-18-14

The 50 Children of Gluttonious 5-18-14


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