New Board Elected

A new board of directors was elected at the January membership meeting.? The new board consists of Mike Mathews, Glen Morris, Dave Heacock, Kurt Mirth, Barry Colebank, Mike Green and Jon Heacock. Mark Paulsen is the new alternate board member.? An updated phone list is in the works.

New club officers will be appointed at the February board meeting.


Silent Auction Meeting This Friday, July 27

We’re trying to collect items for the Silent Auction this coming Friday night, July 27th.  So, if you have items PLEASE BRING THEM Friday night.  We’re going to have more and better things to auction off this year.  The sooner we can get your items catalogued the better.

So if you have items or if you’re involved in the Silent Auction please bring your items Friday night.  We plan to meet about 6:30 or 7 pm.


January 2012 Meeting Notes

  • New Entry system and alarm are installed and operational.  Your old key fob will no longer work.  If you don’t have a new key or don’t know how to operate the system contact Dave Heacock ASAP.
  • Progressive Dinner is in the works
  • Mouse Races have been postponed
  • Helium: We need it before St. Pat’s Party
  • Horseshoe Pits:  Rick relocated them and re-did them They look great!
  • Work Weekend:  We’ve set aside the weekend of February 25 & 26 to work on the trees and a few other miscellaneous things that need to be done around the Club.  How does 10 am sound?
  • The Board will meet at 6:30 on meeting nights in a closed session to work on agenda and discuss any special topics.
  • Make A Wish Dance Feb 25 –  Mike Green informed us of the event.  Fried chicken, beer and soda plus raffles and a live band at VFW Hall in Collinsville for $15 ($20 at door).  Contact Mike for details.
  • Glutton Old Boys have requested April 11 and Jul 18 for GOB days at the club.
  • July Board meeting will take place on Thursday, July 5 due to the holiday.
  • Air Filters:  We’re looking for a couple new clean air filters for the club.  We also wondering what happened to the two we used to have.
  • We have a new wireless microphone system that worked very well at the Trivia Night.

New Board of Directors:  Mike Green, Glen Morris, Mike Mathews, Al Karniski, Gary Rowberry, Jon Heacock,  Kurt Mirth, Alternate: Dave Heacock

New Club Officers: President: Larry Green, Vice President: Dan Murphy, Secretary: Kevin McCauley, Treasurer: Mike Mathews, Sgt. At Arms:, Dave Heacock, Social Coordinator: Kevin McCauley, Orientation Officers: Gary Rowberry and Al Karniski


Membership Meeting January 20th

The next membership meeting will take place on Friday, January 20, 2012 commencing at 7:20 pm sharp. 

On the agenda:

  • Honorary Members:  The Board will submit for approval a change in the description of Honorary Members in the By-Laws that will give Honorary Members the same rights as Resident members.
  • Reservation Policy changes:  The Board approved the following changes which will take place at the January meeting.:
    • When the reservation drawing takes place all the names will be placed in a container and that all available dates in the year be available to the first person who’s name is drawn.  We’re eliminating the draw for every month.  In other words, if your name is drawn you get your pick of any dates through the year.
    • If you transfer your date (from May –  Sept) to another person who didn’t receive a date, there will be a $50 Transfer Fee payable to the club (by the person making the reservation)
      • The $75 reservation fee and the $50 refundable clean-up fee are still applicable and these fees must be paid at the time of the reservation.
      • Also discussed (but not passed) was the idea that if you received a reservation one year’s January membership meeting you could not get a reservation at the next year’s January membership meeting.
  • Election of new officers
  • Voting on New Members:  Andy Green has been recommended for Resident membership (from Associate)

Board Meeting Notes – Oct 5, 2011

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, October 5, 2011.

  • New Alarm and Key Entry System:  We’re in the process of installing a new entry system at the Club.  The system will unlock the door and automatically disarm the alarm when you swipe your key fob.  When you leave all you have to do is enter your code and close the door.  Members will receive the new key fobs before the new system is activated.  Until that time you can continue to use you old fob.
  • Gluttons feed the homeless:  The Club has volunteered to provide food for the homeless on Thursday night, October 13.  Most of the food will be prepared at the Club Wednesday (Oct 12) around 6 pm.  Setup on Thursday at St. Peter and Paul Church in Soulard is around 3 pm with food service between 5 and 6 pm.  Contact Dave or Deb Heacock for more info or to volunteer.
  • Membership meeting Friday, October 21:  Meeting gets underway at 7:21 pm sharp.
  • Halloween Party Friday, October 28:  Sarah and Liz are coordinating a costume Halloween Party for the Friday night before Halloween.  A specialty ghoulish drink and a few surprises will be provided.  Bring a snack to share and whatever you wish to drink.   Gluttons and their immediate families are free and guests will pay $5.
  • Reservation committee:  A committee formed to take a close look at the Reservation Policies at the Club to see if there is a better or fairer way to handle club reservations will meet on Tuesday night, October 18 at 6 pm. 
  •  Glutton Christmas Party: We’re going to have the Glutton Christmas Party on a Friday night this year instead of Saturday.  The date is Friday, December 16, 2011.
  • New around the Club: We’re going to be getting a portable fire pit for the patio area.  We replaced a defective amplifier at the Club with one we got from Alk.
  • Coming up: 
    • Feed the Homeless –  Thursday, October 13
    • Membership meeting –  Friday, October 21 at 7:21 pm
    • Halloween Party –  Friday, October 28
    • Bowling at the Corner Bar –  Friday, November 25
    • Glutton Christmas Party –  Friday, December 16
    • Glutton Trivia Night –  Saturday, February 4
    • Glutton Super Bowl Shrimp Fest –  Sunday, February 5
    • Memorial Day Pignic –  Sunday, May 27
    • GMVB 2012 –  Saturday, August 4


Board meeting notes – April 6, 2011

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

  • Shit List:  Dan Halverson and Andy Norton (Letters sent to appear by membership meeting or face expulsion)
  • Living Room tile:  Budget was $700.  Came in at just about $500
  • Furniture:  Board voted to spend up to $300 on some wicker patio type furniture for the Florida room (formerly known as the living room).
  • TV: Whether to keep the TV in the Florida room and buy a new TV for outside or move the one in the Florida room outside and have nothing in there but a bracket was discussed.  No consensus.  Will be brought up again at the Membership meeting.
  • Surveillance system hasn’t be re-installed yet but will be.
  • St. Pat’s party cost the Club about $9.  Close to 30 people attended.
  • Key Card Entry system:  Brother Mathews has been working to get new software and keys for the system.  Progress is slow, but it is progress.
  • Entry Way Gate:  Murph is ready to start work on the new entry way gate and landscaping. Should be done in the next month or so.
  • Flag pole:  Anyone wanting to give ideas about where the new flag pole should be installed, please be at the Membership meeting a little early so we can decide where it’ll go.  Dave H will get it installed.
  • Umbrellas: We got a deal on 5 table umbrellas ($45)  They’ll be popping up around the club this summer.
  • Compressor:  Mike Green got us a new compressor for the Club for $55.  It will be kept in the utility room.  Please make sure it goes back in there after it’s used.
  • Memorial Day Pignic:  Sunday May 29.  This will be the 40th anniversary of Glutton life on Jerries Lane.  Any ideas for a celebration should be brought to the Board’s attention or to the membership meeting.
  • Grass cutting:  The Board voted to contract the yard work to Rick again this year for $1500 (same as last year).  Rick always does a great job on the year work.
  • Beer going up:  The Board voted to raise the price of premium beers (Bud, Bud Light Select) in the beer machine to $1.  Cheaper beers (Stag, Natty Lights) and soda can still be had in the other machine for 75?
  • GMVB Water:  Gerard brought up the idea of changing out water service at the Club.   We can get a new meter with a larger output pipe that feeds the premises.  He’s going to look into the costs and report back to the membership.
  • Outdoor kitchen:  Board asked when the sink would be finished (under-counters and finishing of the stainless steel).  Hopefully it’ll be done for the Pignic.
  • New soda machine?  Someone asked f we should think about getting a soda machine for the outside patio are for the summer.  No consensus.

Coming up

  • Poker Tournament April 15th  Doors open 6:30 –  Play begins at 7.  $55 buy in.
  • Membership meeting  Friday, April 22 at 7:22 pm.
  • Mouse Races June 11 – Tentative date –  Details to follow
  • G.O.B. Gathering:  The Glutton Old Boys will meet at the Club on Thursdays, May 12th and July 21 to watch a Cardinal game and recollect old times.  All guys welcome.
  • Float Trip –  Labor Day weekend at Huzah Valley Resort.  Reservations 800–367–4516
  • Progressive Dinner probably coming in May or June in the  St. Charles area.  More info at the Membership meeting.

Board meeting notes – March 2, 2011

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, March 2, 2011.

  • Bob Combest dropped from membership.
  • Bill changer is now working on the soda machine.
  • Trivia Night was our best ever.  Thanks to all who worked it.
  • Mouse Races was our best ever.  Congrats to the rats that put this on.  Another one in June.
  • Living/Trophy room floor:  Old carpet and floor were removed.  Should we put in carpet or tile?  Cost would be about the same. Those present chose tile. 
  • New 42” HD TV in the barroom is hooked up.  Rick Drezek has a stand or bracket for it that we can use.
  • Surveillance system will be re-installed.
  • Beer machine lights:  Board voted to spend up to $40 to fix the light in the beer machine.
  • Reservations: John Lee and Gerard swapped reservation dates.

Coming up

  • Poker Tournament April 15th  Doors open 6:30 –  Play begins at 7.  $55 buy in.
  • Membership meeting set for Friday, April 22 at 7:22 pm.
  • St. Pat’s Party March 12 –  12 pm –  ?  $5 PP. Bring a dish to share and BYOB
  • Mouse Races June 11 – Details coming soon!
  • G.O.B. Gathering:  The Glutton Old Boys will meet at the Club on Thursdays, May 12th and July 21 to watch a Cardinal game and recollect old times.  All guys welcome.
  • Float Trip –  Labor Day weekend at Huzah Valley Resort.  Reservations 800–367–4516
  • Progressive Dinner coming this fall.  St. Charles area.  More info this summer.