Julie’s Jackpot! … $4,033

Not everyone (Rocky Haskell) was able to hide their disappointment after Glen Morris drew the winning card in the Ace of Spades Raffle.? Glen Julie walks away with half of the $8,067 jackpot.? There were just three cards left when Glen picked the right envelope.? A new game will start at the membership meeting, April 12.

Mickey Amos Dead at 73

Mickey Amos died on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.? Mickey had suffered a couple of strokes and was deteriorating while at a nursing home in Granite City. He developed pneumonia and infection and was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Clayton last Friday. They decided to put him on hospice care and sedated him.? He was returned to the nursing home on Tuesday and died about ten minutes after arriving there. He was a member of the Gluttons for several years in the mid to late 80s.

Mickey will be cremated and there will be no service.

McGuire Has Heart Attack

Dan McGuire, the less attractive one in the photo at right, suffered a heart attack Sunday morning (December 30). Dan was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital where they roto-rootered his clogged coronary artery and installed a stent to keep the blood flowing. He was in intensive-care Sunday but was expected to move to a regular room Monday. He was up and moving Sunday evening and is on the mend.

Dan said he feels good and they’ll keep him for 3 days because if anything goes wrong it usually happens within those three days. He appreciates your thoughts and prayers and says there’s no need to pay a hospital visit and hopes to see you all soon.

Update: Dan was discharged on New Years Day so he can recuperate at home.

GMVB 2012 – A Grand Success

GMVB 2012 is in the books.? We had 56 teams that played in rain, sunshine and heat. ?Everyone had a great time.? Thanks to all the Gluttons and friends?who worked on the event, the spectators who came to watch and a special thanks to the people who played in the tournament. For without you there would be no tournament.? Thanks also?to those who supported the Silent Auction.

Dream team2

We hope to?see you again next year for our 29th? Annual Glutton Mud Volleyball Tournament.

A few hundred pictures follow…. ?Update: ?We’ve added a few more

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Board meeting notes ? February 3, 2010

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, February 3, 2010.

  • Trivia Night: Set up at 4:30pm.  Doors open at 6:30.  Jonco will M.C. since Brink is blinded by cataracts
  • Deck Committee:  Kitchen is the last remaining project to be completed.  Will get started on it as soon as the weather breaks.  Should be done by Pignic.  Still underbudget by a little bit but will need a little more to finish the project right.
  • Bathroom remodel:  Might be held off until the fall now.
  • St. Pat’s Party March 13:  Festivities get underway about 2 pm.  $5 pp to cover the cost of corned beef meal.  BYOB and a snack to share.
  • Poker Tournament:  Thinking about doing one in the spring.
  • Super Bowl Shrimp Feast:  $15 pp.  3:328 start time. Several people will bring chili and/or snacks.   Spearman will bring a load of smoked wings for $25
  • Shit List:  D. Halverson and Jim Woodside.  Bord is going to prepare a form letter to send to delinquent members.
  • Reservation collusion:  Discussed whether the collusion in securing reservation dates is fair.  Many feel it is fair.  Some don’t.  Board talked about trying to come up with a solution by the October Membership meeting.
  • Beer machine light:  Dan Sucich is going to try to get a light bulb for the beer machine.
  • Beer at meetings: There was a motion to discuss limiting beer drinking at meetings.  Motion was not sdeconded.  The Club has never been so quiet.  This reporter thought he had gone deaf.
  • Election of new officers:  President –  Kevin McCauley, Vice-President –  Joe Rieker, Sgt. of Arms –  Dan Murphy, Social Coordinator –  Kevin McCauley, Chairman –  Mike Green, Vice-Chairman –  Glen Morris, Treasurer –  Mike Mathews, Orientation Officer –  Gerard Pfeffer and of course… Official Supervisor –  Gary Rowberry.

Renee Krato dead at 16

Renee2Renee Krato, 16, daughter of Mike Krato passed away this morning at a hospital in Independence MO.  She had gone to Kansas City with her dad, Mike and step mom Gail for a wheelchair softball tournament that Mike played in. 
After the tournament on Saturday, they returned to their hotel in Independence.  Renee headed down to the swimming pool somewhere around 9 pm.  After 20 or 30 minutes, Gail and Mike were getting ready to go down there too when the paramedics knocked on their door.  Someone had spotted her floating in the pool.  They pulled her out and began CPR while someone else called 911.  They rushed her to the hospital but they couldn’t revive her.  She was put on a ventilator to help her breathe.  Her mom and the rest of her family arrived during the night.  Tests concluded there was no brain activity and she was non-responsive. They removed the life support and she passed away this morning (Monday).

The family is donating her organs so other people might live.

Funeral arangements:
   Visitation Thursday, July 2, 1009 from 2–8 pm at Stygar & Son 13980 New Halls Ferry Rd in Florissant.
   Funeral Friday, July 3, 2009 at 11 am at Chapel of the Cross Church 11645 Benham Rd (behind Christian Northeast).

(In case you don’t know, Mike Krato is married to Pat Heacock’s sister Gail.)

Update:  Here is Renee’s obituary notice:

Membership meeting this Friday, October 17th

The next membership meeting will be this Friday night, October 17th starting at 7:17 sharp.  Be there!

Note:  The Gas is in the mail and it says the meeting is Friday, October 18th…just like this did, until I fixed it.

So remember, the meeting is Friday night, not Saturday.

Thanks to those who pointed that out for me.

Membership meeting notes…

Notes from the membership meeting of Friday, April 18, 2008:

  • Grass will be cut by Dan Halverson once again … at $55 per cut.
  • Also approved $70 for weed & feed and grass seed for some bare spots
  • Shit List😕 Eric Galvin
  • Football High Score Pool sales will start soon?? Potential to make $3,000. Details coming soon.
  • Club Clean-Up Saturday Apr 19th and Saturday April 26 starting at 9 am.
  • Poker Tournament had 41 players.? Net profit $483? Jim Paulson won and Dan “All In” Sucich came in second.
  • Washer Tournament May 17.? Meeting Wed, Apr 23 at 6 pm.? Still need a few more boxes.?? If you have any pieces of 2X4’s laying around, bring them to the club.
  • Golf Tournament Sept. 20th.? 8:30 start time.? Belk Park.? Cost expected to be $75 per person.?? Next year we think we can get a better deal at Woodlands.
  • Happy Hour Party May 30th.? Gary Rowberry and Glen Morris will coordinate.
  • Water pipe needs to be replaced.? We’re probably also going to replace and relocate the water heater at the same time.? Where are you Twig?
  • Party at the Park – May 2nd.?? Doors open at 6 pm.? We need to get there early to save tables.
  • Satellite TV changes:? Nothing new.
  • Bathroom remodel:? Discussed but nothing definite planned.?? We just don’t want to forget about it.
  • Deck Expansion😕 Membership approved the plan as presented by the committee.? Work is expected to get underway right after the summer swimming season.? A meeting will be held April 30th at 5 pm.
  • GMVB 08😕 An organizational meeting will be held on Wed, April 30th at 6:30 pm.?? We urge all members to attend this meeting.
  • Glutton Amazing Race😕 Dave Heacock, with the help of others, is coordinating an Glutton Style Amazing Race for this fall, probably in October.?? This could turn into a nice fundraiser for the Club…. and a heck of a good time for all.? More details as they develop.
  • Danny Schoendienst sponsored (again) for membership.? Dan says he’s really ready now to become a Glutton.

Meeting adjourned at 9:39 pm.? A poker game, libations and bullshit talk erupted afterwards.

Slowly making progress

As you can tell we’re slowly making progress on the site update. We’ve added a new header picture.

I’m learning a new language as I do this and time is limited, but I’m trying to do a few things every day.

All the links might not be working, but we’re slowoly making progress.


I added a page for the member list, but it’s not displaying correctly.? I’ll work on it when I have some more time.

I’ll probably password protect some pages so just anyone can’t view them.? Only members will have access.

Lots to do…. but now that it is up and running it should be easier to add things a little at a time.