A few updates

I’ve updated the membership list and added an Officers page and some links to contact the officers.  I still need to update the email list.

I’ve added a couple more old Glutton videos to the Glutton Productions page.

I’ve updated the Glutton Calendar and added the reservations that I know of.  Check it out and if it’s wrong please let me know.

I’ve also done some general updates (upcoming events and the like). 

Did you know you can leave comments on any post on the site.  There is a Comments or Leave a comment link at the bottom of the posts. link at the bottom of all the posts.


New Glutton Calendar feature

I’ve added a calendar to the website.  You can access it in three ways:

  1. In the Glutton Calendar text box on the left side of the page there is a link at the bottom.
  2. The menu bar across the very top has a link to the Calendar.
  3.  You can add it as a favorite link http://gluttonsess.com/calendar-of-events/


  • The calendar should always default (start) on the current month.
  • You can click on the left and right arrow near the top left side of the calendar to go forward or back a month at a time.
  • All reservations will begin with RES:.  If I have more info about the reservation, such as times I will add that.
  • You can click on the event or reservation title for more information.

If you find any errors or omissions please let me know.

I’ll try to keep it updated with reservations and events as they come in.

Changes to the Glutton website

You may have noticed a few changes to the Glutton website.  I’ve changed the theme.  The theme contains the software tools that displays the information in a certain way.

Using the new theme it should be a little easier to update some of the lesser used pages.  I’ll be updating those in the near future.

Also, there can be an unlimited number of header images (the logo or masthead) that can be easily changed.  Right now I have prepared about 20 images for your enjoyment.  I’ve tried to add some humor in them to make them more fun.  Here are a few examples:







You can hit REFRESH to see a new header image.

 Please let me know if you have any trouble viewing any of them.  I may have to adjust the text on a couple of them so they display better on various sized monitors.  Leave a comment if there’s one that doesn’t display right for you.

I’ll be making some other minor changes in the near future too.  Stay tuned.

Fixed a few bugs

I’ve fixed a couple things that weren’t quite right:

  • The Rules and More link now works on the Glutton Links section (right side).  It now takes you to a page where you can select either the Operating Rules or the By-Laws.  Previously it would take you straight to the By-Laws
  • I redid the Football Raffle page since some oddities were showing up on the page when viewed with Internet Explorer.  I use Firefox, so I didn’t have that problem.  It now appears to display properly using either browser.

If you run across something that doesn’t seem right, please let me know.  You can either, call, email, or just leave a comment about the problem.