New Deck Progress

A small but dedicated crew has been busy building the foundation and guts of the deck reconstruction in the last few weeks. The two large white pipes are for accessing the pool lights. LED lights will be attached to long pieces of conduit that will go into the pipes all the way to the pool. They can be replaced fairly easily if a light bulb goes out. The pool filter will be located on the concrete slab right next to the flag pole. Click image to enlarge.

Yard Drainage Work

About ten guys spent Saturday at the club working on the yard drainage. ?Murph and Deadeye got the equipment to the club. ?The two downspouts on the front of the club were put into drains that were trenched underground and to the driveweay area. There a drain was installed and a trench was cut across the driveway and then across the yard to the creek. ?A french drain was installed alongside the driveway and connected to the drain to the creek. ?This should go a long way to solving our water problems in the yard. ?Those needing high fives for their work include, Dan Murphy, Don Schoendienst, Tim Daniels, Gerard Pfeffer, Dan Sucich, John Lee, Scott Taylor, Mike Green, Ray Staples. ?Jonco and Mark Bay (a Gizmo friend and Glutton wannabe) also helped out at the end. ?Rick moved some cones too. Truth be told, it was Murph’s friend Bob Cat that did most of the work. ?It was a group effort.

Club Winterized & New Mower

Club mowerThe outdoor kitchen has been winterized. The water has been turned off and the lines to the sink and hose bib has been blown out, the water heater drained (supply lines to water heater and sink are disconnected) and the sink drain filled with RV antifreeze.? Please do not pour anything in the outdoor sink until it is de-winterized in the spring.? We left the empty RV Antifreeze jug in the sink as a reminder

The pool was also covered and winterized.

The Board authorized the purchase of a new commercial?lawn mower for the club.? It’s a 61 inch Dixon gas powered zero-turn mower.? It was purchased from Western Equipment Co. in O’Fallon MO for $4499.? Click image to enlarge.

We’re going to wait until it gets closer to springtime before we purchase a weed eater and blower for the club.



Finishing touches were put on Thursday night as the newly remodeled bar room takes shape.  Still needs a little paint and carpeting.  Looking great!  Will be ready for the St. Pat’s Party on Saturday.  Click images to enlarge.


Great job guys!


Bar Room Gutted


The Board decided to gut and renovate the bar room at the club.  This will be a fast project and is expected to be completed in about 5 weeks, hopefully in time for the St. Pat’s Party on March 15.  The plan is to allow more people space and open the traffic areas a bit. 

Making Mud Better

Mvb courts

Mud Master Murph moves dirt around in order to level the mud volleyball courts by building up the far end of the courts.  This should keep the water from running off the courts and make MVB more fun and we’ll use less water.  Murph and his crew also did some work in the front yard to try to alleviate the water standing in the corner by the driveway.



Larry Green helps guide the big berry tree down in the front yard at the club.  The membership voted to remove the tree as the berries create quite a mess.  A new landscaping plan will be developed for the front of the club.

Tree2 Tree3  Tree5Tree4 Tree6


High Above Redman Acres

High above RAAC1.
About 15 guys worked on Saturday at the Club.  We had a 42 foot lift that was used to take down the big tree by the outdoor kitchen.  We also topped the big tree just north of that tree.  A lot of limbs and brush was burned and wood stacked.  The wood was scheduled to be split on Sunday.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Trees1 Trees2 Trees3 Trees4 Trees6 Trees7 Trees5 Trees8 Trees9 Trees10 Trees11 Trees13

Feeding the homeless

The Gluttons spent last Thursday evening at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Soulard cooking and serving food to 121 homeless people of St. Louis.  Dave and Deb Heacock coordinated the effort on behalf of the Club.  We purchased the food and several guys spent a couple evenings beforehand cooking and getting ready to put it all together for Thursday night. 

Witchs brew

Those who served were, Dave and Deb, along with Dan Sucich, Kurt Mirth, Gerard Pfeffer, Larry Green, Ray Staples, Jon & Pat Heacock, Joe Rieker, Andy Green, Luis Martinez, Vince Heacock and Buck Rowberry.

Homeless2 Homeless3 Homeless4 Homeless5 Homeless6

It was a rewarding day for those involved.


New entryway

The new entryway paving work has been completed.  Dan Murphy and his elves have done a great job.  All that still needs to be done is the railing, gate and landscaping.   That work will take place in the spring. 


 That step does take a little getting used to.  Just ask Brother Rabbi Jim Murphy.

Click to enlarge

Club shines in preparation for PIGNIC

Three new fans were installed in the patio area.  We ran the cable for a new HD satellite receiver for the new TV.  We now have to wait for the guy to come out and hook it all up. 

Gerard makes some final touches on the new stainless grill countertop.  Next we need to put in doors to cover the front.
Grill gerard

Supervisor Rowberry had his crew burning everything they could get their hands on… from tree limbs to pallets.  They also organized our extra brick piles and building materials.
Gary fire

That is, when they weren’t standing around drinking.
Drinking at fire

Joe Rieker watches TV while Glen  farts around at the ceiling as the fan installed itself.  Also helping with the fans was Dave H. 
Fan install

Seriously, a lot of work got done today.  Thanks guys!

Bathroom remodel begins…

No room in the ladies room…Ladies room

Gluttonettes gather for one last pee in the ladies room before the renovation started the next day.  On Sunday everything came out of the bathroom and most everything out of the utility room.  Once we decide how we’re going to tackle the bathroom floor we’ll start rebuilding.  The two closets will be gone and the utility room will be expanded and the bathroom rearranged.

Bathroom4 Bathroom3

Bathroom2 Bathroom1


While a group was busy with demolishing the bathroom and utility room Dave & Gerard were bust connecting the waterline for the patio kitchen sink.

Dave gizmo

Patio progress

As you can see in these photos we’re making headway on the patio project. 

We moved the window from the pool house to the patio area.  The outside siding is almost done.

Farmer Murp
Farmer Murphy planting some trees and plants.

Don Schoendienst does some wiring in the ceiling.  We have the majority of the electrical wiring done.  Now we need to do the speaker wiring and hook up all the fixtures.

Dave Heacock spreads adhesive for the bar top that was installed.  Gerard is going to wrap the bar top in stainless steel this week (hopefully).


Wrigley and the Porzelt kids and friends cavort on the new sidewalk.

Roofin’ it

Carpenter extraordinaire, Greg Meyer, putting the finishing touches on a complicated roofing section this afternoon.  He had a dilemma in connecting the two structures together, but has it worked out now.  The sheeting should be completed by tonight and it will be ready for shingles.