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  1. Guy’s;Brother’s,Fellow GLUTTONS ESS
    Sorry,I have not been around the club !
    I really mean that too ! I have had some set backs with my heart operation that no one knows anything about ! I hav’nt even talked to my good friend RICKY ,I feel bad about that too ! Sorry Rick ! The Doc
    says I should be OK by the Mud Volley Ball Tourneyment ? Just when you guy’s could use some help ! I do have a couple of items for the auction so our chairty’s wont suffer ! Hope to see you all soon ?
    For anyone that uses the computer to do more than stack shit on,it’s about the only way I get to hear about how you guy’s are doing ! So Send Me All The E-MAIL You Want At bplager@yahoo.com
    Ya I’m a Hockey Fan,and not just the BLUES,Most of you dont know that three years before I had my heart operation,I was an amature Ice Hockey Official for ( 15 ) years it was the longest jub I ever had,and I loved going to work my games,It was the only job I liked getting ready to go to work at !
    See Ya Soon ( BING ) you left a nick name out of the nick name list ! BYE BYE & ESS

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