New TV

TVWe have a new 47 inch Westinghouse flat screen TV in the poolhouse.

Right now it works the same as the old one did – it plays whatever is on the TV in the bar room, but when we get new service it should have it’s own receiver.  It is HD ready if we go in that direction.


Komen Walk for the Cure

Elizabeth ‘Woodstock’ Schoendienst reports:

The Race for a Cure is this Saturday, June 21st!  It begins at 9 AM at 16th and Olive downtown. For everyone who still wants to walk and ride down together meet at the Gluttons Club around 7:45 AM.  Parking can be tough down there so the fewer the cars going the better. If we leave by 8 AM we should get there in time to park and get ready to walk.  I will have everyone’s T-shirts that morning.  If you are not going to ride down with us call me and we can figure out a good place to meet.

If you can’t walk anymore that’s okay too cause we already have your money and its all for a good cause!   🙂

Don’t forget to bring swim stuff cause it should be a nice day to lay by the pool and enjoy a few (or many) drinks!!!

Thanks everyone for making this years Race for the Cure even bigger than last year!!!!

Any questions call Elizabeth  636-219-2931

PS If you know anyone who still wants to walk and did not register you can register down there morning of race…so bring em along!

Charlie Morris injured in motorcycle acident

All updates are at the bottom of this post.

Charlie Morris, son of Glen and Julie Morris was injured last night in a motorcycle accident in East Alton.

 CharlieMorrisFom the STLToday (Post Dispatch) website:

18-year-old Charles E. Morris of Florissant was riding his 2002 Kawasaki motorcycle at 9:50 p.m. Tuesday, the patrol said. He was northbound on Red School House Road in St. Charles County about 400 feet west of Wise Road at “an excessive rate of speed” when he lost control on a curve, the patrol said.

The motorcycle left the road and hit a utility pole guy wire. The impact threw Morris off the motorcycle, which landed in a field.

Morris was airlifted by helicopter to St. Louis University Hospital where he was listed in serious condition today, the patrol said.

From the website:

A Florissant teenager is in serious condition after a late night motorcycle accident in West Alton. The Highway Patrol says 18-year-old Chrles Morris’ motorcycle sped off Red School House Road and hit a utility pole guy wire.

His injuries include a broken ankle, cuts and abrasions of his knee, a broken wrist and several fingers broken and also a broken clavicle (shoulder blade). Charlie underwent surgery this morning. 

Charlie is expected to make a full recovery, but it’s going to take some time.

Update:  Wednesday, June 11th – 1:45 pm.  Deb reports:

Just heard from Julie.  Charlie is out of surgery (on his hand) and he broke his left ankle and his knee has quite a few layers of stitches.  His left front collar bone (clavicle) is fractured, but his right hand is the worst thing and the main concern right now. 
His right hand was pretty much shattered, and had bad lacerations across his fingers.   right now, the hand will be a slow recovery, and then they will go from there, as in really knowing the extent of the injury to his hand.  He will be at SLU Hospital until Saturday at this point and will let us know.  
Julie said thank you for all the calls and concerns but right now they really are not able to return any because Nextel does not get a signal inside the hospital walls.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
Update:  Friday, June 13th – 9:00 am.   Deb reports:
Julie said Charlie is going back up for surgery today on his hand again, they are going to go back in and see what his fingers are doing, check on infection etc….  he will have many surgeries to come in the future on his right hand. He is able to move his middle finger and thumb so that is a good sign right now.   All in all he looks pretty good, but Glen said each day its a new story,…when the swelling goes down they find that “well ,the left ankle is not broke its the foot” so it’s just a day by day thing.  He will be in there now until Monday they think, but all in all he is fine, probably will not want to leave the hospital since there will be no morphine drip at home 🙂.  JUST LUCKY TO BE ALIVE LIKE JOE SAID “TO CRASH ON A CYCLE AND WALK AWAY IS A GOOD DAY.”

Glen and Julie said thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  I told them everyone is thinking of them and if they need anything to just call.  Charlie has a lot of “young visitors” up there so he is on morphine and cute girls by his side he wakes up and smiles!
 Update:  Tuesday, June 17th – 3 pm
My understanding is that Charlie was to undergo surgery on his foot either today or tomorrow (Wednesday) and would be in the hospital a couple days after that.  HE might (hopefully) be home by the weekend.
Update:  Wednesday, June 18th – 3 pm  Deb reports:

Charlie had surgery on his left foot (no longer the ankle) yesterday at around 5:30ish.  He has a few pins/screws in his foot now.  While they were in there, they also looked at his collar bone because something did not seem right.  So….. they had to go in and “reposition” his collar bone, so he ended up with two surgery’s yesterday.  After talking with Julie and Glen last night, this should be it for right now and hopefully he will be home by Friday.  He will have a lot more surgeries on his right hand later on down the road, but for right now, they have done all that they can for all the “broken bones” that he had; now its just time to heal.  
Julie said “Again, please tell everyone thanks for all their thoughts and prayers …and there have been so many friends asking if they can do anything, and it really means a lot to them –  Thank you, again, from The Morris Family.


 Update:  Friday, June 20th – Julie reports:

WE ARE HOME!!!  We got the great news yesterday. Charlie is going to be just fine. He has a lot of work of ahead of him but he is stubborn, determine and strong willed. We were all so ready to get out of there!

I wanted to update you guys on Charlie’s boo boos, but the most important thing that we have to thank the great guy upstairs for IS HE IS HERE AND WILL RECOVER!


The poor guy got banged up pretty good on both sides of his body but everything is fixable and with the screws, wires and plates they have put in and a lot of hard work he will be up and moving in time. The injuries were to his left foot, they have screwed that back together. The right knee has so many stitches they quit counting, but nothing damaged to the knee or leg. His left collar bone was separated too far apart so they fixed that with a plate. Then there is the right hand. That is our biggest challenge. He broke a lot of bones in his fingers, hand and wrist. So with the miracle of medicine they have put that back together. That will be his longest recovery. Right now he is learning how to sit up, transfer to a wheel chair and also managing to move on an elbow walker. All this sounds pretty horrible and it is, but if anyone knows our son, Charlie is too worried about missing any of the action to keep him down for too long. We will have a Home Rehab to start and then outpatient later. The saddest part is he has to adjust to the fact his playing soccer for LC is not going to happen this year. He will have to move back home and live here through the recovery period. School is being adjusted also. BUT again we are only thinking positive and we all know that Charlie will be up and about in time. Glen and I just want to express so much appreciation to all our family and friends that have and will support him. Charlie knows just how important it is to feel such support. So again Thank you all so very much.


Glen’s 50th +Birthday ‘Surprise’ / Welcome Home Charlie Party – I had to tell Glen cuz I needed to know how he felt with everything going on. Charlie is the one who calls the shots for now, and he didn’t want me to cancel. He will be there for a little while and we would love to see all of you.    



Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.


Board meeting notes – June 4, 2008

Notes from the Board meeting of Wednesday, June 4, 2008:

  • Salt Water Pool System:  The Club authorized the purchase and installation of a saltwater pool system for our pool.  It is supposed to be more economical to run, requires a little less maintenance and is not supposed to turn August Green. A committee is being formed and has the approval to spend up to $1,300 on a system. 
  • Flat screen TV:  The Board also authorized the expenditure of up to $1,200 on the purchase of a flat screen TV for the pool house.   Byrd and Jonco will take care of this.
  • Shit List:  Weston Porzelt is 4 months behind in his dues.  Everyone else is OK… for now.
  • Water bill is finally in the name of the Club.  If anyone sees Arnie Sullivan, let him know he’s finally off the hook.
  • Memorial Day PIGNIC made about an $80 profit.  I think it cost the Club a few bucks last year.   Thanks to all who attended.
  • R.A.A.C. By-Laws are being “cleaned up” by Dave Brink with a little help from Joe Rieker.  Hopefully the finished product will be available at the next Board meeting.
  • Football Raffle tickets are out.  About half of the tickets have been dispersed, which is good giving the time of year.  If you want some, contact Don Schoendienst or Gary Rowberry.   SELL! SELL! SELL!
  • Deck Expansion is moving along as the committee continues with the plans.  Official construction kick-off set for Sunday, September 21st.
  • GMVB 2008 plans are coming along.  Anheuser Busch has donated 3 unbrellas for the ref chairs which we need to rebuild. They also gave us about ten assorted banners for use during the tournament.  We are asking for donations for the Silent Auction earlier this year.  Please see what you can get for the auction.
  • Homeless in St. Louis updateKevin is no longer a homeless transient.  He moved into a new place in Troy IL on June 1st.   Joe Furlong has set up digs in Chesterfield.  Mike and Pat Cooper have sold their home in St. Jacob IL and are having a house built near Wentzville.  They are staying with Mikes brother in O’Fallon in the meantime. 
  • Dead trees:  The Board has authorized up to $200 to take down about 6 dead trees. 
  • A Mission Statement is apparently needed.  The Board is working on it.
  • Attic Insulation made it to the attic, but it still needs to de spread out. 
  • Reservations:  Gerard changed his reservation from August 23rd to June 14th.  Jonco cancelled his reservation of July 26thTwig reserved the Club on Tuesday, July 1st for an afternoon kids party.
  • Fathers Day at the Club:  June 15th.  Bring your own food and drink.  Club will provide charcoal for those wishing to BBQ.
  • First Happy Hour Party cost the Club $38.90 for wings and fixins.


Another party – another storm

About 20 people atteneded the first Happy Hour party of the summer at the Club last night.  Glen grilled up a big batch of wings and Dan Sucich grilled some vegetables.  Lots of delicious finger foods were enjoyed by all. The Gluttons don’t let a little storm dampen their spirits.

Happy Hour group1
Murph shows Glen that he’s had four beers (so far) while Kevin poses seductively and Don stares off into drunkeness. (Is that even a word?)

Happy hour2  Happy hour4 

Happy hour5 Happy hour3 

Happy hour7 Happy hour8

Happy Hour party Friday evening

Happy HourJoin the Gluttons Friday night (May 30th) for the first Happy Hour party of the year.  The plan is to start around 6 pm, but won’t truly get started until YOU get there.

Bring your own drinks.  The Club will provide some chicken wings and chips.

Bring along your swimsuit and brave the cool water.  

Let’s party Rain or Shine!  Well… not too much shine after dark.  So let’s say Rain or No Rain!

PIGNIC spirit not dampened by weather

Jew flagAbout seventy-five people attended the Glutton Memorial Day Pignic.  They didn’t let the damp weather dampen their spirits. 

Dan Sucich spent half the day cooking some of the most scrumptious food we’ve had at the Club.  The man knows how to cook… under the remote supervision of Gary Rowberry of course.  (Rowberry didn’t even get there until 3 pm and Dan still did a great job.)

Donnie McGuire was the only Glutton from out of town to show up with brother Dan and Momma McGuire.

(Click on any picture to enlarge) 

Rowberry in Heaven

Dan Sucich exhausted from all that cooking.

 Barb Deb Beach boys Beach boys2 Belle Deb  Byrd alexis Byrs Alexis2 Card sharks Chad furlong Charlie Charlie group Charlie Jessie Connie Al  Dancers DannyS Dave Dad Deb Julie Jessie Donnie Twig Belle Chad2 Don Dave Diving board group2Diving board group Eric sarah Faces1 Gail Mike Deb Greens Greens2 Jessie tongue Jew Susan Jewella parents Joe Sandy Jonco Wrigley2 Julie group1 Julie Liz Jan Kisser Krato Heaks Logan pool1  Mary and friends Pagano Twig Pat Dave Party inside Rail chatter Rib smoker dan Pool chatter Rick Wrigley Sandy joe Spearman Shooters  Sunning1 Tina Twig Angie Twig Mary Twigs Undercover1 Watching the game Watching the game2 Wrigley1  Wrigley Rick

It’s PIGNIC time

Well, the meterologists have finally come to their senses and admitted there’s a chance for rain Sunday.  We could have told them that… buy they didn’t want our expertise.


20% huh?   More like 20% chance it WON’T rain.

Anyway, the cooking will begin early.  So get there early and get your money’s worth. 

Fun Food and Friends.  

 To quote an old Glutton…. 
 “This must be why we’re here.”

Perfect weather predicted for Memorial Day PIGNIC

Little do the meterologists know about the weather on Memorial Day Sunday.  They’re forecasting clear skies and temps in the low 80’s.  Perfect weather for a picnic.   Of course, any weather is perfect weather for the Glutton Memorial Day PIGNIC.  This will be the 38th Glutton Memorial Day PIGNIC held at the Club.

It all begins this Sunday, May 25th as the Gluttons gather for the first official party of the summer.  The PIGNIC kicks off the summer season at the Club.


The pool is ready, though a tad cool.  August Green is gone, replaced by Sparkling Blue.  We’ll have to wait to see how long that lasts.

The fare for the PIGNIC is the usul… thick, juicy pork steaks, chicken, hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob, potato salad, slaw and all the trimmings. 

Cost for the day is $15 for adults, $5 for kids from 6 to 20 and Free for kids 5 and under.   Please let Byrd know if you plan to attend.  (314–578–2926)

Get there early and make it an all day affair.   Everyone is welcome.  Bring a friend.  More info here.

Great Day For Washer Tournament

Washers6The Glutton God Gluttonious graced us with great weather for the 2nd Glutton Washer Tournament.  Twenty-eight teams played in the tournament.  Two teams found out about the tournament by Googling Washer Tournament and discovering the Glutton website anf flyer here.  Final number aren’t in but it appears we didn’t get the numbers we were expecting.  But, everyone who was there had a great time.  The committee is going to meet and fine-tune how we run  the tournament.  We want to keep doing it once or twice a year, but we need to figure out how we can profit a little more from it next time.  

Speaking of next time….. we’re talking about doing another tournament in late summer or early fall…. sometime after Mud Volleyball.

Update:  It looks like we made abour $400 on the event.

Click to enlarge the pictures


 Washers5  Washers3

Washers1 Washers2 

Washers4 Washers7

Fixed a few bugs

I’ve fixed a couple things that weren’t quite right:

  • The Rules and More link now works on the Glutton Links section (right side).  It now takes you to a page where you can select either the Operating Rules or the By-Laws.  Previously it would take you straight to the By-Laws
  • I redid the Football Raffle page since some oddities were showing up on the page when viewed with Internet Explorer.  I use Firefox, so I didn’t have that problem.  It now appears to display properly using either browser.

If you run across something that doesn’t seem right, please let me know.  You can either, call, email, or just leave a comment about the problem.


Board Meeting Notes – May 7, 2008

Notes form the Board meeting of Wednesday, May 7, 2008:

  • Wrigley1Club Mascot  The Board voted to accept Wrigley (sometimes known as Toddles II) as the official Club mascot.  He now has all the rights of a member except he’s not allowed IN the pool, nor is he allowed to shit on the diving board steps.  Wrigley was granted all other member priviliges.  (I guess he’ll be reserving the Club soon.)
  • Shit List:  Dan Halverson and Joe Rieker were reported to be at least 90 days in arrears.
  • Deck Expansion planning is underway.  The tentative kickoff of this project is Sunday, September 21 (the day after the Golf Tournament)  Some preliminary work may take place before that date. More info on the deck expansion project can be found on the Deck Expansion page.  Next meeting, May 14th 6 pm
  • Bathroom Remodel  It hasn’t been forgotten, but is on the back burner for now
  • Trees  We have a few trees that are dead and pose a potential threat to the storage container in the back yard.  The Board is evaluating it’s options.
  • Swimming Pool was just filled and is it’s usual August Green… but the filter hadn’t been turned on as of the Board meeting. (It should be running by the time you read this).  Also, the Board believes the bottom drain has been unclogged.
  • Football Pool Raffle tickes were printed by Jonco and all 496 were stuffed into random envelopes and are for sale.  More info on the Football Raffle page.
  • Attic Insulation still needs to be put in the attic.  Glen volunteered to spearhead the installation.
  • GMVB 2008  Letters from the Evangelical Children’s Home and the Gluttons are on the website to help facilitate the aquisition of items for the Silent Auction.  Rosters are also available online.  See the GMVB page for more info.  We’re also developing an Early Pig Package at a discount for teams.
  • Memorial Day Pignic is set for Sunday, May 25th.  The Board left the cost for the event the same as last year.  $15 for adults, $5 for kids from 6–20, and FREE for all kids 5 and under.  Last year we lost $214 on the event.  Standard fare is planned this year, including those delicious extra thick pork steaks.  Get there early!
  • Board meeting attendance  There was some discussion about some Board members missing Board meetings.  The Board members present emphasized the importance of all Board members being present at Board meetings.
  • Upcoming Events
    • Expansion Committee meeting May 14 6 pm
    • Washer Tournament May 17  More info
    • Happy Hour Party May 30  6 pm – ?  (Small cover charge)
    • Father’s Day Jun 15 – Bring your own food and drink… and Dad too.
    • Komen Walk Jun 21   Sign up here to walk with the Gluttons
    • Golf Tournament Sep 20.  Details coming soon
    • Amazing Race – Glutton Style Coming this fall
    • Christmas Party Dec 20

Sue Yates’ father died

Carl Schilligo, father of Sue Yates, died on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008.  Visitation is May, 1st from 3–9 pm at Bucholz Math Herman Mortuary at 837 Mid Rivers Mall Drive in St. Peters.   Funeral Fri. May 2, 10 a.m. from BUCHHOLZ MATH HERMAN Mortuary, 837 Mid Rivers Mall Drive to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church #2 Seton Court, St. Charles, MO. for a 10:30 a.m. Mass.  He will be buries at Jefferson Barracks cemetery following the service.

The Glutton family extends it’s condolences to Sue, Bill and their entire family.

The Post Dispatch obituary can be found here.

Club Clean-Up underway

Cleanup2Club cleanup is in it’s second week.  The turnout for the second weekend was less than the first weekend.  However a lot has been done.  But there’s still a lot that needs to be done.  The pool has been drained and some spot painting will be done shortly.  A lot of cleaning has been going on and miscellaneous other things.   There is still a list of things that still need to be done.  So, PLEASE try to get over to the Club and do your part.  You can call Kevin at the Club and he’ll guide you as to what exactly he needs help with.


Bowling at the Corner Bar

Bowling08cA slightly hungover crowd attended the 3rd annual Glutton Bowling at the Corner Bar on Saturday night. 

Several of the attendees had partied hardy into the wee hours of Saturday after the membership meeting.  Then with Club clean-up most of the day Saturday, they were dragging a little Saturday night.  But that didn’t stop them from having fun.

Click on the pics below to enlarge them.

Bowling08 loser Bowling08a Bowling08b Bowling08d Bowling08e Bowling08f Bowling08g Bowling08h

Membership meeting notes…

Notes from the membership meeting of Friday, April 18, 2008:

  • Grass will be cut by Dan Halverson once again … at $55 per cut.
  • Also approved $70 for weed & feed and grass seed for some bare spots
  • Shit List😕 Eric Galvin
  • Football High Score Pool sales will start soon?? Potential to make $3,000. Details coming soon.
  • Club Clean-Up Saturday Apr 19th and Saturday April 26 starting at 9 am.
  • Poker Tournament had 41 players.? Net profit $483? Jim Paulson won and Dan “All In” Sucich came in second.
  • Washer Tournament May 17.? Meeting Wed, Apr 23 at 6 pm.? Still need a few more boxes.?? If you have any pieces of 2X4’s laying around, bring them to the club.
  • Golf Tournament Sept. 20th.? 8:30 start time.? Belk Park.? Cost expected to be $75 per person.?? Next year we think we can get a better deal at Woodlands.
  • Happy Hour Party May 30th.? Gary Rowberry and Glen Morris will coordinate.
  • Water pipe needs to be replaced.? We’re probably also going to replace and relocate the water heater at the same time.? Where are you Twig?
  • Party at the Park – May 2nd.?? Doors open at 6 pm.? We need to get there early to save tables.
  • Satellite TV changes:? Nothing new.
  • Bathroom remodel:? Discussed but nothing definite planned.?? We just don’t want to forget about it.
  • Deck Expansion😕 Membership approved the plan as presented by the committee.? Work is expected to get underway right after the summer swimming season.? A meeting will be held April 30th at 5 pm.
  • GMVB 08😕 An organizational meeting will be held on Wed, April 30th at 6:30 pm.?? We urge all members to attend this meeting.
  • Glutton Amazing Race😕 Dave Heacock, with the help of others, is coordinating an Glutton Style Amazing Race for this fall, probably in October.?? This could turn into a nice fundraiser for the Club…. and a heck of a good time for all.? More details as they develop.
  • Danny Schoendienst sponsored (again) for membership.? Dan says he’s really ready now to become a Glutton.

Meeting adjourned at 9:39 pm.? A poker game, libations and bullshit talk erupted afterwards.

Born on the Brink

Brink babyTessa Sharron Brink slid ito this world at 8:39 a.m. on Tuesday, April 15th, weighing in at 7 pounds 13 ounces.  She was 21 inches long at her weigh-in. 

Parent’s David & Valerie are doing fine.

Grandpa and Dad are pictured here flanking young Tess.

Slowly making progress

As you can tell we’re slowly making progress on the site update. We’ve added a new header picture.

I’m learning a new language as I do this and time is limited, but I’m trying to do a few things every day.

All the links might not be working, but we’re slowoly making progress.